Yvonne Cahalane must find new school for son due to drug administration fears

Tristan & Yvonne

WEST Cork mother Yvonne Cahalane is well known for travelling to the United States for cannabis oil treatment for her son Tristan.

Tristan suffers from Dravet Syndrome and is the first Irish person legally allowed use cannabis oils for medical use. Tristan seizures have reduced considerable since he started on cannabis oil treatment.

Tristan started preschool in Bantry recently, the same preschool his older brother Oscar attends which is Naíonra Bheanntraí. However Yvonne received a registered letter to her home this week stating there was no longer a place available to Tristan due to facilities at the school.

In discussions with the school previous to the letter, teachers had stated that they were “afraid to deal with him” if he was to have a seizure. One Teacher said if Tristan was to have a seizure “she would not give him the cannabis as it was a controlled drug”

The school also requested that Yvonne would sit outside the classroom during class time in case something was to happen to Tristan. Yvonne is now looking for school places for both her sons.

In a statement Naíonra Bheanntraí said, “It is the policy of Naíonra Bheanntraí not to comment on such sensitive matters in a public forum.”

Listen Back to Yvonne speaking with Patricia Messinger on C103’s Cork Today show: