Wild & Vital ~ Forage, Make, Taste & Learn – April Danann hosts a hands-on workshop teaching the gentle power of herbs for everyday use

April Danann

Healing with Herbs Workshop, Tuesday 30th May, Caheragh, West Cork

Many of us know that herbs, wild and cultivated, are beneficial to us and an important part of the wild life around us.

We think nothing of sprinkling a little chopped parsley over our food, or placing a sprig of rosemary into our end of day Gin & Tonic and who hasn’t been caught up in recent years with the thrill of seasonal Wild Garlic?  Some of us may even take a daily herbal supplement or enjoy a cup of herbal tea from time to time. 

But what if herbs had a range of powers and benefits that many of us do not know how to unlock.  What if many of these herbs were growing wild and can be accessed freely – if you know where to look, and how to identify them? Herbs, especially wild herbs, are full of natures’ own super powers; and what’s more we can harness them easily by foraging, making and tasting.

April Danann is a Food Scientist, Clinical Naturopathic Nutritionist and an expert in Wild Fermentation. On Tuesday 30th May, April is hosting a hands-on workshop that will show each step of the process to harness the goodness of herbs.  Healing with Herbs will start with a wild foraging walk around her herb garden and beyond at her apothecary studio in Caheragh in the foothills of Mount Kidd overlooking Roaring Water Bay in beautiful West Cork. With what is collected during the forage, participants will be taught how to make a herbal tonic, fresh herbal tea, ointments, syrups and herbal concoctions whilst discovering more about the deep cellular healing properties of nature’s garden.

April said, “Herbs are such an easy way to incorporate something so bursting with natural goodness into our everyday lives. Many grow happily and abundantly in the wild and I believe we should be taking notice of them more and learning how these gentle living foods can be used in every part of our life.

“We can drink them, eat them, cook with them, grow them – even rinse our hair with them and make beautiful lotions and ointments to use on our bodies.  We can use them in any number of ways to help our immune systems to fight off coughs, colds and aches; and assisting with good holistic health every day by sipping tonics and teas to maintain a good overall internal balance.”

With the growing concern with overuse of antibiotics in the fight against common ailments or viruses, for which they are pointless, is now the perfect time to explore other ways to help with maintaining good health by using what is around us in nature?

“Working with herbs is such a good place to start.  Not only do they have intrinsic medicinal value that we can extract and use when we need it, or for maintaining good health, but we can also have fun with them!  Many people are discovering brewing beer and fermented drinks such as Kombucha in the home, and herbs can add exciting elements to the brewing and fermenting process: from imparting flavours and aromas, to colours and health giving properties.”

Included in the evening are extensive notes, drinks, tastes and organic snacks.

Tickets are €69pp, places can be booked online:

www.aprildanann.com  / www.aprildanann.com/healing-with-herbs-workshop