What have the Irish ever done for us? – New book celebrates Irish achievement

DID you know that the Irish invented cheese & onion crisps, the submarine and chocolate milk? That without the efforts of an Irish engineer the city of Los Angeles would not exist or that a Kerryman is credited as the father of modern economics?

These and many other surprising stories are covered in a fascinating book by author and journalist David Forsythe titled What have the Irish ever done for us?

“The idea for the book came about during The Gathering Ireland in 2013,” said David, “I was covering a lot of the events associated with the diaspora and it struck me that virtually every village, town and townland in Ireland has some kind of intriguing story about one of their own who has done something amazing, or at least impressive!

“So I decided to put some of these stories together in a book. There are lots of heavy books on Irish history or in-depth biographies but I wanted to do something that was light and easy to read and hopefully interesting and entertaining he said.”

The book is arranged into 51 short chapters and covers a wide range of topics including how the Irish built New York, why a Cork woman was awarded Israel’s highest honour and how the Irish helped create the modern-day horror boom.

What have the Irish ever done for us? is available to order from Amazon and makes an ideal St Patrick’s Day present.

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