West Cork author Louise O’Neill joins New Always #LikeAGirl Squad to educate, inspire and build confidence in young women

At puberty, girls’ confidence plummets. The most recent Always Confidence & Puberty Study1 reveals that 64% of young women aged 16-24 lost confidence during puberty with 94% succumbing to the fear of failing during this time. Sixty-seven percent admitted to avoiding new things all together, and nearly half (49%) said that the fear of failure was paralysing. Top contributors to this fear were identified as societal pressure to succeed and pressure to be perfect.

Always, the leader in global feminine care is on a mission to stop this drop in confidence by changing how girls perceive setbacks and encouraging them to embrace failure as part of learning and growth. Failure – and perseverance through it – is key to building her confidence, empowering her to keep growing and KEEP GOING #LikeAGirl.”

As part of its commitment to building girls’ confidence, the brand has created the Always #LikeAGirl Squad; a team of inspirational role models who will help shed light on the issue, and inspire girls to keep going. Alesha Dixon, of Britain’s Got Talent and Mis-teeq fame, leads the squad and is accompanied by Irish author, Louise O’Neill and Digital Influencer Leanne Woodfull. The squad have all persevered through failure and want to help inspire girls to keep going.

Alesha Dixon commented: “The Always Confidence & Puberty Survey shows that nearly half of girls feel society rejects girls who fail. This is really sad and something that resonates with me. I have faced many challenges in my life such as launching my solo singing career.  At times it has been difficult to dust myself off, move on and try again. I have learnt so much about myself through these challenging times and I am a stronger person for them. It is important for young girls to understand that failure is OK, and that perseverance through it is how you grow.”

Louise O’Neill, Novelist
Picture: Miki Barlok

Louise O’Neill, said: Our culture is afraid of failure. It teaches young girls to be afraid too, to feel ashamed if they don’t enjoy instant success. I know when I was younger; I allowed certain dreams to waste away because I was too scared of failing to even try to achieve them. It was only when I decided that I would rather fail than have regrets about unfulfilled ambitions that my life completely changed. We need to re-frame how we view failure. Young girls should look at failure as a valuable learning experience, something that they can use to build confidence in their own abilities and what they can accomplish in the future. If you’re not making mistakes, then you’re not living a bold enough life.

Always #LikeAGirl film

To help shed light on the issue, and to inspire girls to keep going, Always has partnered with acclaimed director Lucy Luscombe to show how girls feel about failure, especially during puberty. The new Always #LikeAGirl video follows a group of girls through a normal school day. From school projects, to drama rehearsals, chess matches and more, the girls are seen in real-life situations that capture how daunting the fear of failure can be. As the girls face their fears, we watch them grow and build confidence. See the video and hear the rallying call for all girls to embrace failure as fuel by watching and sharing. The Always #LikeAGirl – Keep Going video can be found here 

As part of the campaign, Always and the Always #LikeAGirl Squad are urging people to join the conversation on social media. Share a post, image or video to show how you try, fail, learn and KEEP GOING #LikeAGirl.