The Nearly Men are coming to Clonakilty

Picture: Miki Barlok

Regrets and cheap lager hang in the air like Brut aftershave. You can fail loads of times but you only have to succeed once…

A two man play, written and performed by Carl Antony Plover and Simon David Clark, The NearlyMen is a semi-autobiographical production, drawn from their own experience of writing a comedy series together. A comedy, which nearly made the big time.

Set in the confines of an unkempt bedsit, the play moves between two characters; a failed musician and a rejected scriptwriter and reveals the struggles and frustrations of nearly making it in the TV and music industry.

A writer down on his luck, looking back on a rejected comedy script struggles to move on from the characters he has created. The musician with doomed band and girlfriend gone is still convinced he’s just one step away from superstardom; thick skinned and blind faith makes his downfall even more compelling.

Carl and Simon worked together in the late 90s where they formed a production company, Burning Paper Productions in London. Following a number of writing and directing projects and producing two short films, they were seemingly on the verge of their first big break with ITV commissioning their comedy series, when it suddenly ended before it began.

Searching for the answers, The Nearly Men is a brutally honest account of failure; revealing, raw, poetic and injected with humour, it will move and amuse in equal amounts. 


Debarras, Clonakilty

Sunday December 3, 2017