Teen-Turn launch girls in technology programme 2017

Teen-Turn connects 4th year girls from DEIS schools with female technology role models in Ireland’s leading companies for work placements in order to tackle the deficit of young women in tech. With placements nationwide, this year’s cohort represents 18 DEIS and 35 companies from throughout Ireland.

Teen-Turn continues launching this year’s programme with girls in Cork and over 20 mentors. The mentors are female engineers, data scientists, technology architects and senior managers in leading companies including, in Cork: Analog Devices, Citco, Itron, Wisetek and Tyndall Institute.

The girls, who come from DEIS schools throughout Ireland, will experience hands-on what it is to work on technology projects led by female role models for two weeks in August.
Teen-Turn believe that more girls, from areas where third level education is uncommon, exploring and gaining an interest in technology will lead to more women earning technology qualifications, thus meeting a demand for skills.

Pictured are: Chloe Creed-Guiney and Katelynn Browne, Tyndall Interns and Fatima Gunning of Tyndall (centre)
Pic: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision