She Sings to the Stars, feature film made by local filmmaker to screen at Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre

She Sings to the Stars, a new independent dramatic feature film written and directed by long-time Ballydehob resident Jennifer Corcoran, will have its West Cork premiere Friday, October 27 at the Uillinn West Cork Arts Centre in Skibbereen.

There will be a wine reception at 7:30PM followed by the screening at 8:00PM and a post-screening discussion at 9:45PM.  Seating is limited so it’s necessary to book in advance by phoning the Arts Centre at (028) 22090.

The story? The endless desert. A Native American grandmother lives alone tending her corn. Her half-Mexican grandson and a white, ageing magician are stranded. No water. A river of stars. Everything changes: anything is possible. Shot in the desert of New Mexico, it’s a story that foregrounds simplicity and quiet, offering a glimpse into a corner of a largely unknown America. The film raises enduring questions, yet touches on the zeitgeist when it comes to current ecological crises of the planet and the human spirit, asking: What exactly is reality? What is magic? And who are the real magicians?

Honoured with 12 awards on the North American film festival circuit, the film has just secured worldwide distribution across all platforms (theatrical, broadcast, cable and digital) starting with an arthouse theatrical release in the United States — but says Jennifer, “I’m thrilled to screen the film in West Cork, there’s nothing like bringing it home to your own community.”

“Writing and directing your own work is like trying to wake up inside a dream. Since filmmaking is such a fluid, intuitive art, it can be the place where the waking and the dreaming worlds merge.” As she recalls, “I first met Mabel, the grandmother character of the film, in a dream. Mabel said, ‘It’s time to sing the song. It will take you four years. Listen.’ I followed the clues, constructed three life-size, newspaper-stuffed dressed figures of the characters, lived with them and listened for their story.”

Seven years ago, Jennifer was prompted by a vision to create a cycle of films about women – more specifically, to explore what is feminine nature. Together with her brother, Jonathan Corcoran as producer, they created Circeo Films in 2011. She Sings to the Stars is the first film in the cycle. The second film is set in West Cork with a 28-year old woman as protagonist. Jennifer is currently finishing the screenplay, and they are aiming to be in production by autumn 2018 or spring 2019.

See a trailer here: