Sculptor Eilis O’Connell to feature new work at Ark, Chester Cathedral

CORK based, internationally renowned sculptor, Eilis O’Connell, will unveil brand new work at ARK, a world class contemporary sculpture exhibtion, at Chester Cathedral, Cheshire, opening on July 7th. ARK, curated by Gallery Pangolin, will feature 90 works by over 50 sculptors including Lynn Chadwick, Elisabeth Frink, Antony Gormley, Damien Hirst, Barbara Hepworth, Michael Joo, Sarah Lucas, David Mach, David Nash, and Peter Randall-Page, amongst others.

The 14 metre long piece, made of galvanised steel, stainless steel and polycarbonate sheeting, has been carefully transported from Cork to Cheshire for the exhibition, which runs until 15th October next.

Given the current political climate in Europe, and the issue of Brexit, Eilis thought it important to make a sculpture that would be relevant to the idea of shelter and refuge that the theme of the exhibition suggests.

“Being safe today is almost a question of geography, politics, and the randomness of where you happened to be born, or where you happened to be at a certain time of day. For some, though, the terms of existence result in a forced migration. The most horrific being the boats crossing the Libyan Sea and the desperate situations people find themselves in.

These stories haunt me and that feeling of being unable to help has filtered into my work, so the focus of this sculpture is the need for physical refuge. Often I make inviting hollowed out spaces as part of a sculpture, but this one is very different, it’s not that inviting, being made of corrugated galvanised steel and polycarbonate sheeting. These are humble everyday materials, often used to make temporary living spaces.”

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