Ring Rowing Club notes

Ring Rowing Club travelled to Kilkern Lake on Sunday 4th June for the annual Galleyflash Rowing Club Regatta.

Results on the day were as below-

Senior Mixed – 1st GalleyFlash 2nd Ring 3rd Kilmacsimon

U12 Beginners – 1st Ring, 2nd GalleyFlash, 3rd Kilmacsimon

U12 – 1st Ross, 2nd GalleyFlash, 3rd Ring

U14 – 1st GalleyFlash, 2nd Myross, 3rd Courtmacsherry

U16 – 1st Ring, 2nd Courtmacsherry, 3rd Kilmacsimon

U18 – 1st GalleyFlash, 2nd Ring, 3rd Kilmacsimon

Ladies – 1st Kilmacsimon, 2nd Ring, 3rd GalleyFlash

Men – 1st Kilmacsimon, 2nd GalleyFlash, 3rd Ring

Rings teams were the below in race order:

Senior mixed :Virge Daly , Deirdre Knowles, Eddie Knowles, Padraig Griffin and Rory Cullinane (cox)

U12 mixed beginners: Frank Beechinor , Tom Ryan, Jack O Donovan, Ciaran Coakley and Padraig Griffin (cox)

U12s mixed : Darragh Cullinane, Moyà Knowles, Ciaran McCarthy , Conor Daly and Padraig Griffin (cox)

U14s mixed: Ava Archbald , Liam Prior, Denis Daly, Sinead Harte and Padraig Griffin (cox)

U16s mixed :Ciara Ferguson, Gearoid O Donovan, Mark O Connell, Kelly Oforgi and Padraig Griffin (cox)

U18s mixed :Ciara Deasy, Keelan Crawford , Moss Downey , Evelyn Murphy and Padraig Griffin (cox)

Ladies : Virge Daly , Deirdre Knowles, Michelle Ryan , Nicola Curtin and Padraig Griffin (cox)

Men : Jack Wycherley, Brian O Donovan, Rory Cullinane , Eoin Fahy and Padraig Griffin (cox)

Well done to you all excellent results .

And a special thank you to the GalleyFlash Rowing Club for a great day