Public meeting on Medicinal Cannabis Bill in Macroom

THE Cork branch of People Before Profit has welcomed the fact that the Medicinal Cannabis Use Bill recently passed the first stage Dail procedure. This bill was introduced by People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny.

Gino will be speaking on the need to legalise Medicinal Cannabis at a Public Meeting in Macroom on Tuesday 10th of January at 8pm in the Castle Hotel. Also speaking will be Cork mother and activist Vera Twomey and activist Tom Curran

Vera Twomey made national and international headlines recently when she began a 260km walk from her Cork home to Dublin in order to highlight the plight of her 6 year old daughter Ava Barry. Ava suffers a horrendous and potentially life-threatening condition that sees her fall victim to up to dozens of seizures a day. The only treatment that has given Ava any relief so far is Cannabidiol, which is based on extracts taken from the cannabis plant.

Tom Curran has been campaigning on this issue since his involvement with the high profile case of his late partner Marie Fleming.

Cork spokesperson for People Before Profit said, “We are delighted that the Medicinal Cannabis Use Bill introduced by PBP TD Gino Kenny has passed the first stage in the Dail. While this is to be wholeheartedly welcomed it is important to note that this Bill has quite a way to go before it can become law.

It is imperative for the relief of people like Ava Barry and others enduring unnecessary additional suffering that we stay focused on the campaign to legalise the use of Medicinal Cannabis in this country. It is frustrating to know that there is treatment out there in the form of Medicinal Cannabis bur it cannot be accessed.

The pain-relieving and health-giving effects of cannabis are well documentd. In countries where it has been legalised fo medical purposes the benifits to sufferers of many types of long-term illnesses have been life-changing.

I urge everyone in the Cork area and beyond to attend this and the other public meetings on the subject.

Come along to a discussion of the real facts and benefits of Medicinal Cannabis, away from the scaremongering. We have it in our power to legalise a safe and effective treatment for patients like Ava who suffer extra pain and discomfort needless.”