Opinion – Kenny is the best man for the job

Enda Kenny

Dear Editor,

Previously I have spoken out as to the shenanigans of the Fine Gael by trying to get rid of their best ever leader and of those seeking power for their own benefit, at this point in time I would like to reiterate my very same remarks.

I would call on those of you who are that hungry and craving for power to have a personal chat with themselves and see the damage they are doing to this country, most of all at a time when the country needs an exceptional cool, wise leader with experience and a genuine true quality that they have yet to create and build for themselves.

That does not happen by changing your tablets. Either kid do not possess the tiniest of a fraction of the experience and the quality of leadership that Enda Kenny possess.

Look at the enormous world wide acclaim he received for standing within a metre of the President of the United States, President Donald Trump in the White House and pronouncing his address that was implacable yet we at home didn’t show that extra mile of enthusiastic approval, even, we didn’t want him to go to the USA. on that occasion. Shame I say.

This country ridiculed him on many occasions over his close and personal relationship, which he built up over the years with the other EU countries and tried on many occasions to down play the respect and integrity with which he is revered in Europe.

On April 28th 2017 he carried off the greatest accomplishment of his life since entering Dail Eireann, and has to stand side by side with General Michael Collins in his negotiating skills without self proclaim.

It is the very first glimmer of real hope towards reunification of Ireland since 1921. He gave us in this country for the first time, the senior citizens a Minister for Older People, in one of the most respected and honourable lady politicians inside Dail Eireann, Helen McEntee, an extremely hard working lady with a bright future ahead of her.

Finally I say to the young and no so young TDs in Dail Eireann with leadership aspirations never forget that with age and experience comes a genuine wealth that can never be bought.

Stop for a moment and consider your current Leader as your most suitable and able in the House for this rocky road ahead in the most serious negotiations yet to hit this island of Ireland since we joined the EC and then send him to the Phoenix Park when Michael D. decides to call it a day.

Yours sincerely

Michael O’Sullivan



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