Macroom Ógra launch Christmas Campaign to show older people they care

MACROOM Ógra Fianna Fáil are launching their Christmas Awareness Campaign on the 18th of December. This year Ógra have decided to use Facebook as their campaign base. The campaign will run during the week leading up to Christmas with a new tip each day up until Christmas Day.

Macroom Ógra are attempting to reach out to the public , especially younger people and make them conscious of a problem that is affecting a lot of older people this Christmas; loneliness and isolation.

“There are a lot of elderly people living alone in rural areas of Macroom who would appreciate support this Christmas. For many older people Christmas is not a time of celebration, but a time of year when they can feel more isolated and lonely than usual” according to Cathal Quill, Macroom Ógra’s Youth Officer.

What we are aiming at is that our peers would put down the mobile phone or the tablet, turn off the T.V. or the computer and give an hour or two to someone who might need some company this Christmas. “If an older person knows someone is thinking of them it gives them a sense of safety and ease. This Christmas let’s show those people in need that someone cares.”

Mr Quill added, “There are a number of ways that the public can help an older person this Christmas some of these are; calling by an older persons house to say hello, ensuring they have enough food, medication and heat and giving them a hand with their shopping.”

Macroom Ógra will be posting tips on Facebook everyday up to Christmas day on how put good intentions into action.