Kinsale Peace Project News

Padraig & Lisa Fitzgerald of kinsale Peace project , were delighted to me one of the White Helmets of Syria, Mr Nedal Izzden at the Tipperary international peace award recently.

Nedal Izzden, a White Helmet himself is one of the thousands of Syria’s Civil defence forces who are the first responders when buildings are bombed in Syria.

They risk their lives to rescue men, women and children from the rubble,coften under attack from aerial bombardment.

To make matters worse, they are often identified by president Assad’s forces and allies (Russia) to which many are deliberately targeted by “double tap” a phrase used when the helmets go to rescue civilians after the immediate aftermath of a bomb to which the aircraft bombers return, within minutes to bomb the same site again killing yet more people and the White Helmets themselves.

One interesting fact, the White Helmets are given training in recovery and first aid by a Northern Irish man in nearby Jordan.

Over 210 white helmets have lost their lives in saving more than 100,000 people, their story was a subject of an award winning documentary on Netflix recently.

Padraig and  Lisa Were delighted to be involved by the Tipperary Peace Convention to hear the awful stories of life in Syria, yet despite the terrible doom and gloom, Nedal thanked the Irish people for their support and their compassion.