Kinsale named town that is most representative of the nation

Newstalk Breakfast today reveals that Kinsale, Co. Cork, is the town that statistically best represents us as a nation, as they name it ‘Ireland’s Town’ during a live broadcast this morning. The special broadcast is being held to mark one week out from the budget and ask the people of Kinsale – and by extension the nation – what they want from Budget 2018.

The title of ‘Ireland’s Town’ was awarded following a detailed analysis of Census 2016, which took twenty nine different data measurements into account, across an array of strands including economic, family, age, gender and education. 

The detailed research examined all towns with a population of 5,000 or more and found that Kinsale bore a striking resemblance to the national average in almost every one of the 29 criteria*. As such, Newstalk Breakfast determined that the picturesque harbour town of Kinsale best encapsulates the country.

Commenting on the findings, Newstalk’s statistician Odran Flynn, said, “Looking at the twenty nine criteria, Kinsale was the only town that was at or near the national average in each case. It offers a snapshot of the census, and so Ireland, in one place. It’s a true microcosm of us as a nation.”

To mark one week out from the budget, Newstalk Breakfast is broadcasting live from the seaside town this morning to find out what makes Kinsale ‘Ireland’s Town’ and ask, what does Kinsale – and by extension the nation – want from Budget 2018?