Kinsale campaign to restore South Doc services to the town

FOLLOWING a public meeting held in Kinsale last week a campaign has been launched to see South Doc services returned to the town.

The emergency out-of-hours doctor service provided by South Doc is no longer available in Kinsale and locals must now make the 30 minute journey to Bandon to avail of the service.

The service was merged with that provided in Bandon for financial reasons with the decision being made by the board of South Doc, and as a result residents in Kinsale must now travel to Bandon to avail of an out-of-hours doctor service.

Local councillor Kevin Murphy told Patricia Messenger on C103’s Cork Today programme that there was “a huge, huge, number of people depending on after-hours South Doc in Kinsale and the surrounding area”.

Cllr Murphy said that there was a state-of-the-art medical centre in Kinsale with a room that could be used by South Doc that was not being used and accussed South Doc of “playing Russian roulette” with the health of people in Kinsale and surrounding areas.

Cllr Murphy said there had been several “near misses” with people who had strokes or were seriously ill and had to go to Cork city by ambulance as South Doc were so far away.

Cllr Murphy said that the population of the town had increased substantially since the service was removed in 2014 and that during the summer months the population “quadrupled” with visitors and tourists and said there was an urgent need for the service in the town.

Cllr Murphy said he has raised the issue at Cork County Council meetings and has had no response from South Doc or the HSE, a situation he described as “a disgrace”.

Listen to the full interview on C103 here: