Kilmichael commemoration 2017

Picture: Mike Searle under Creative Commons Licence.

The annual Kilmichael commemoration will be held on Sunday 26th of November next , 1.30pm at the monument Kilmichael.

The guest speaker this year is Donnchadh Ó Laoghaire Sinn Féin TD for Cork South Central. This is the 97th anniversary commemoration of the famous Kilmichael ambush when on the 28th day of November 1920, the flying column of the third West Cork Brigade won a famous victory against the Auxiliaries.

The Auxiliares were mostly made up of high ranking officers of the British army who had fought in the first world war .  They came to Ireland in August of 1920 to put down the spreading revolution and 150 of them were based in Macroom Castle.

They roamed free in their lorries for  several  months terrorising and cowing the people without hindrance anywhere in Ireland . Tom Barry IRA commander and his flying column decided that it was of the utmost importance that they would have to be challenged.

Prior to the attack he assembled his flying column of 36men and put them through an intensive week of training, many of them had never seen action before.  But what they lacked in training and experience they made up for in courage and commitment . Three volunteers of the IRA were killed that day but the Auxiliaries suffered  heavy losses, of the eighteen soldiers on the two Crossley tenders only one survived.

At 10.30am prior to the commemoration, at Castletown Kenneigh there will be an Aifreann Gaeilge and wreath laying ceremony after at the graves of the three volunteers Pat Deasy , Michael McCarthy, Jim O’Sullivan and vol. Diarmuid O’Mathuna who assisted in the aftermath of Kilmichael and died a year later .

The main commemoration will be followed at 3.30pm by a dinner and tráthnóna cheoil in the Parkway Hotel Dunmanway