July exhibition at the Blue House Gallery Schull

Diarmuid Breen at the Blue House Gallery in Schull.

JULY visitors to the Blue House Gallery in Schull will experience an exciting and varied array of work from painters Diarmuid Breen and Lars-Eric Bueb, and sculptors Don Cronin and Moss Gaynor. The show runs from 7 – 26 July with the opening from 6-8pm on Friday 7 July; all are welcome to meet the artists, browse the artwork and enjoy a glass of wine.

Diarmuid Breen’s exquisite oil paintings draw on the uncertainty and banality of everyday life. His inspiration is found in old books and photographs, which imbue the work with nostalgia whilst it maintains its pertinence to contemporary experience. Diarmuid’s process starts with small watercolour sketches; he then makes a full size preparatory painting on paper and if he’s satisfied with it, paints it on canvas.

Lars-Eric Bueb is a painter whose influences include Joseph Beuys. He questions the luxury of being able to make art and whether it is possible to say something important. Like Beuys, Lars’ approach embraces all colors and materials; in an event in 1982 Beuys dropped 7000 Oak trees and 7000 stone columns on the marketplace – not easy to draw something on paper that will grow…

Don Cronin’s sculptures contain echoes of urban structure. The work presented here is the result of a sustained approach where pieces are produced slowly through a series of intuitive modifications and revisions. Seemingly resolved elements are subject to dissection, reconstruction and manipulation in a process of progressive refinement towards an aesthetic resolution.

Moss Gaynor works primarily in metal, often combining other media such as found objects, stone, wood and glass. The ever changing dynamic of West Cork, where land meets sea meets sky, provides an endless source of inspiration for his work, whilst the man-made world of architecture and industrial design informs much of the aesthetic of the finished piece.

For more information visit www.bluehousegalleryschull.com.