HSE review of autism services open for submissions

Tim Lombard

People with autism spectrum disorder, parents and clinicians have been encouraged to make submissions to a HSE review of autism supports and services.

Cork based Fine Gael Senator, Tim Lombard, said: “I want to ensure that people with ASD in Cork have access to the necessary supports and services that will enable them to reach their full potential.

“I recognise the need for a strategic approach to enhancing the responsiveness and effectiveness of local services to meet the evolving needs of people with ASD. I have been in constant communication with my Fine Gael colleague, Minister for Health Simon Harris, highlighting the need for such a review.

“The HSE has set up a working group to consider the effectiveness of existing services, to identify models of good practice among such services and to identify practice models that are not having a positive impact.”

“It is important that we identify where in the country services are operating well and where they are not. The HSE has now invited submissions from service users, parents and practitioners and I want to encourage people to take the opportunity to have their voices heard.

“Three workshops will also be held in September with key advocates and NGOs: Disability Federation of Ireland; the National Federation of Voluntary Bodies and Inclusion Ireland and the working group will report on its findings by the end of September.  

“The Department of Health will initiate a study into the prevalence and future projections for autism spectrum disorder later this year to allow us to plan for the future and future-proof our strategies for people with autism.  

“Following the advancement of this work, the Minister has told me he intends to proceed next year with a national strategy for enhancing the health service response to people with ASD.”


  1. What would be great would be if social workers stopped taking kids with autism from their parents and locking them up in nut houses. Also if social workers were to stop accusing parents of child abuse because their children have autism, that would be pretty cool too. I have trouble accepting that people like me, with kids that were locked up, raped, beaten unconscious on multiple occasions dont walk into HSE offices and beat them stupid with a baseball bat.