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Michael Moynihan

CORK North West TD, Fianna Fáil Spokesperson on Energy Michael Moynihan has expressed surprise at reports of planned increases in electricity prices.  FBD is also warning today of price increases in the insurance sector.

Deputy Moynihan said: “Reports at the weekend suggesting households can expect electricity prices to rise by a further 5% in the coming years will be greeted with concern and real annoyance by consumers.  Families are already struggling to make ends meet and regulated sectors are going to have to demonstrate publicly the justification for further price hikes.

“I have pointed out before the need for a real consumer champion – a watchdog that will advocate for the public.  I’m concerned that some regulators risk becoming creatures of the sectors they’re supposed to be policing.  The Energy Regulator needs to show real teeth if companies come looking to hit households with higher bills.

“The property tax, water charges, increased motor tax, carbon tax on coal, turf and home heating oil and the private pension fund levy have all stripped hundreds of euro from families across the country in recent years.  The last thing households need is to be hit with more charges.  Families always feel increased pressure at this time of year with back to school costs and suggested hikes in electricity bills and insurance premiums will increase anxiety.

“Many businesses are also getting back on their feet, some have been able to take on extra staff or increase pay and further increases in their overheads will have a significant impact.

“The Government has established the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission but this will focus more on breaches of consumer protection legislation.  I believe watchdogs in regulated sectors are going to have an important role in the coming months in holding operators to account for any proposed increases.  I’m concerned about the energy sector and warnings coming from FBD about the insurance sector and significant price increases coming on stream there are a real worry.

“This is an issue that is going to require a lot of attention from government.  Different Ministers will have different roles over regulated sectors and there may well be a need to recast the remit of certain regulators in legislation.  Fianna Fáil is going to look closely at that issue in the weeks and months ahead.  If it becomes clear that regulators are not standing up for consumers and are blindly rubber-stamping increases that will hit households we are prepared to bring fresh legislation before the Dáil to deal with it.”

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Inchydoney wins Beachguard Team Awardhttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32893 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32893#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 16:11:28 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32893 Cork County Mayor Cllr John Paul O'Shea undertaking Beachguard duties with members of the Inchydoney Beachguard team.

Cork County Mayor Cllr John Paul O’Shea undertaking Beachguard duties with members of the Inchydoney Beachguard team.

COUNTY Mayor, Cllr John Paul O’ Shea was on hand recently to award the authority’s annual beachguard team award with this year’s award going to the well deserving Inchydoney Beachguard Team.

In 2014, Cork County Council introduced a new initiative under the Cork County Council Beach Service, that of an award recognising and acknowledging the Beachguard Team which has excelled during the season. The award is given for a number of reasons which include most improved skills, team work and incidents responded to. In its inaugural year, the Barleycove Beachguard Team won and this year saw the Inchydoney Beachguard Team take top spot!

This is a highly coveted award among the Beachguard Teams. Every year the Beachguards undertake a rigorous pool test in order to qualify before they start working on the beaches. They also participate in training workshops throughout the season to ensure their lifesaving skills are up to date. Cork County Council provides this continuing training for the beachguards in order to ensure the lifeguarding standards are maintained to the very highest level, making our beaches safer for the public to use.

Mayor O’ Shea said, “Great credit is due to all of our lifeguard teams right across the entire county. They provide an excellent service to all our beach users which often goes unnoticed and unrecognised. Today, I want to publicly acknowledge all their efforts and congratulate the Inchydoney Beachguard Team led by their able leader Graham Kerr on their success. They provide great security and safety for all our beach users”.


Mayor O’ Shea added, “Inchydoney beach has a lot of rip currents which can cause serious incidents and harm to swimmers. There were a number of incidents at Inchadoney over the last 12 months which the beachguard team responded to with great professionalism and dedication. The team are a great strength of re-assurance to us as an authority which actively encourages people to utilise the wonderful beaches we have at our disposal in Cork”.


Caroline Casey, Cork County Council’s Water Safety Development Officer said, “I would like to thank all the facilitators of the various training sessions we had during the beach season. Cork Area Water Safety Instructors & Volunteers were especially helpful during the season and this is very much appreciated.”

Cork County Council’s Beach Lifeguard Service Facebook Page can be found at www.facebook.com/CorkCoCoBeachLifeguardService

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Former mayor calls on government to take action to lengthen tourist seasonhttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32891 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32891#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 16:04:57 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32891 Alan Coleman . Pic: Billy McGill

Alan Coleman . Pic: Billy McGill

FORMER County Mayor, Cllr Alan Coleman has called on the Minister for Education to make September 1st the standard day for schools to return .

Coleman, an independent candidate in the upcoming general election feels ” that a growing trend has emerged in recent years where schools are returning earlier in August and this is hampering Tourism in Ireland. “

“Traditionally Irish schools did not return until September 1st but as a result of this now creeping into August the Family Tourist season has been shortened ”

” Tourism in certain areas thrives in the summer season and provides a huge economic boost to many struggling parts of Rural Ireland. Depriving tourist operators of a large share of the family market in the later end of August is proving detrimental.

As many operators have mentioned to me it is a long winter to survive and all opportunities need to be capitalised ”

Tourism in Ireland has seen a surge in international visitors and the introduction of the Wild Atlantic Way has provided a huge boost .

For staycations to grow we need inter Government department cooperation .

In essence we need practical joined up thinking between our elected ministers to solve a very simple problem.

In February 2014 the Department of Education and Skills issued a directive to schools outlining the standardisation of the School Year through to 2016  . This circular standardised the dates for Christmas , Easter and mid term break holidays for all primary and post primary schools in the state .

However this standardisation did not issue a clear dictate on the day schools should return from summer holidays.

Primary schools are required to be open a minimum of 167 days and post primary 183 days .

Even though the aforementioned 4 holiday periods are standardised the Department did not avail of the opportunity with summer holidays .

The dates which schools return has been left to the discretion of schools .

Department communication states that schools will “normally” reopen during the week in which 1st September falls . However the school year may start in the week prior to that in which September 1st falls “if this is necessary to meet the overall requirement of minimum days ”

Cllr Coleman has indicated that he has written to the Minister for Education and Skills Jan O’Sullivan highlighting the case .

” In essence we have seen standardisation of every other school holiday so I see little reason not to standardise the school opening date ”

“This is the time of the year when we have a warmer climate , longer evenings and more outdoor activities for domestic tourists to avail of . All we are calling for is common sense and joined up thinking by the Government,” he said.

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Councillor calls on West Cork to join water protesthttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32889 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32889#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 16:01:09 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32889 Paul Hayes

Paul Hayes

WEST Cork Sinn Féin County Councillor Paul Hayes has called on people from all communities across the country to “come out and demand their right to water” next Saturday in Dublin.

Cllr Hayes said, “It’s clear that the Government strategy on water provision is floundering. Their approach from the outset has been completely shambolic and would almost be laughable if it weren’t for the millions of euros that have been wasted.

“What the people of Ireland need is a functioning water and wastewater system that delivers high quality drinking water to all our citizens and plans for future needs in a strategic manner. What this government have delivered is an administrative monstrosity in Irish Water, which is bloated with overpaid executives, has wasted taxpayers millions on ineffective metering schemes and has scrapped many important infrastructure improvements that were planned.

“Despite what Government TD’s would have you believe,vital projects to improve our water infrastructure have been delayed due to the added bureaucracy of Irish Water. The huge cost of setting up this quango is money that should have been given to Local Authorities, who are still carrying out the work on the ground anyway, and this money would’ve went a long way to improving the creaking water network.

“Frustrations have built up also with the fact that many roads in West Cork have not been maintained or re-surfaced, due to delays in pipe laying and improvements to the water infrastructure. From Bandon to Bantry and beyond, the roads are disintegrating and badly need to be resurfaced, however works are being delayed and postponed while Irish Water drags it’s feet on its water network projects.

“Rural dwellers are contacting me with their frustrations of being charged on the double for water, as they receive a water bill from the County Council for their water use on their land and another bill from Irish Water for their domestic water, when previously they would have received an allowance for domestic use from the County Council.

“What we need is that the leaks are fixed so no more water is wasted. What we need is that lead pipes are replaced and water that is fit for consumption. What we need is to stop pumping raw sewage into our seas and watercourses to protect our environment.

“Recent announcements from Eurostat stating that Irish Water expenditure must be included on the Governments balance sheet, removes the last excuse for retaining this failed utility company. The Government can borrow money at a much cheaper rate than Irish Water, to invest in the network so Fine Gael and Labour should stop throwing good money after bad and abolish Irish Water.

“We have an opportunity to send this government the loudest message yet that the opposition and resistance to water charges is as strong as ever. It hasn’t gone anyway and it won’t go away until the charges are scrapped and Irish Water is abolished.

“I am calling on everybody to make the journey to Dublin on Saturday and join what will be a powerful, peaceful and vibrant demonstration,” he added.

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€2 at the ready as Cork brews up for Marymounthttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32886 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32886#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:54:02 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32886 Rachel Allen, Celebrity Cook with her daughter Scarlett, at the Marymount Hospice Launch of Ireland's Biggest Coffee Morning, supported by Bewley's, which takes place on the 17th September, pictured in the grounds of Ballymaloe Cookery School, Shanagarry, Co. Cork. Pic: Jim Coughlan

Rachel Allen, Celebrity Cook with her daughter Scarlett, at the Marymount Hospice Launch of Ireland’s Biggest Coffee Morning, supported by Bewley’s, which takes place on the 17th September, pictured in the grounds of Ballymaloe Cookery School, Shanagarry, Co. Cork.
Pic: Jim Coughlan

Did you know that last year €2 stretched across two counties, provided Community Palliative Care for 1,529 patients and that’s not all it even enabled the admission of 564 people to the inpatient unit of Marymount University Hospital and Hospice.

This September you can become part of the 2015 story simply by handing over your €2 on the 17th in exchange for a steaming cup of freshly brewed Bewley’s coffee.

It has never been easier to help thousands of people in your community as well as having a good old natter with friends and family.  All we ask you to do is to gather friends at home or your colleagues at the workplace, flick on the kettle and in exchange for their €2 pour them a hot cuppa! 

To help Marymount Hospice launch Ireland’s Biggest Coffee morning on September 17th, Rachel Allen took time out from her busy schedule as celebrity cook and Mum, to help us spread the word and encourage people to brew up for Marymount.

Marymount provides a fully integrated programme of palliative care services including inpatient care, community based care, outpatient care, day care and a new specialist pain clinic.  On the 18th of September Marymount will host a coffee morning and celebrate their fourth anniversary at their new facility in Curraheen.  

Daniel Cowman, Chairman, The Friends of Marymount said “Marymount is synonymous with the provision of care for people with life-limiting conditions. Fundraising at Marymount is required to raise €2million annually just to maintain current services.  A dedicated team of 34 volunteers (The Friends of Marymount) must be credited with the fantastic work they do to achieve this fundraising target each year.  They are a real credit to the Hospice.”

All money raised locally at #coffee4hospice events stays locally and in Cork that means funding for Marymount Hospice’s care services.

Anyone can host a coffee morning, registration advice and details on how to get your special complimentary Bewley’s fresh ground coffee pack along with your Rachel Allen  sweet treats recipe card can be obtained by contacting Daniel Cowman of The Friends of Marymount on  021 4501201

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Caheragh scouting reporthttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32883 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32883#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:45:38 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32883 Pictured are the 13th Caheragh Scouts who won a silver award at their first “Pheonix” national event in Palliskenry, Co. Limerick recently.

Pictured are the 13th Caheragh Scouts who won a silver award at their first “Pheonix” national event in Palliskenry, Co. Limerick recently.

THE 13th Caheragh Scouting Ireland Group has been active with educating young people in outdoor sports and activities in the local and greater community since 1992, and is part of 8 other active groups throughout the West Cork County.

Since that time scouting has come of age and is now a modern multi challenging, 46,0000 strong youth activity organization.

With ages ranging from 6 to 25, the Scouts learn from an early age all about Teamwork, Camping, Open fire cooking, Pioneering, Hiking, Map reading, and a huge range of life skills, that they carry with them throughout the rest of their lives.

Scouting Ireland is a voluntary Charity organization and relies on grants, the support of the local community and families who work with the adult scouters who facilitate the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Venture and Rover sections with their various activities.

Over recent years scouts have climbed many mountains in Ireland and locally in West Cork and Kerry including Irelands highest mountain Carrauntoohil.


Latest News; 5 West Cork Scouts have just returned from The World Jamboree in Japan 2015,as part of the 300 strong contingent.

Last weekend a team of Caheragh Scouts (12-15) competed in the 4 day National Phoenix challenge where they competed against up to 60 other patrols of 8 scouts from all over the country. They got a silver award it is a great achievement for them as it was their first ever phoenix event.

We are holding an Open/Enrolment day this Sunday the 30th at 2 o’clock.

There will be a display of scouting activities and fun for all, and we will be on hand to answer any questions you might have.

Signing up to scouting costs €50.00 for insurance, Uniform and book fees are extra and a small contribution to the running of programs and events.

And adults are always welcome to come on board and join in Scouting and help to see children achieve their full potential.

N/B; All Adult Scouters are fully trained and Garda vetted.

For further information http://www.scouts.ie

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Kilbree U14 hurlers through to West Cork Final against Clonakiltyhttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32880 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32880#comments Tue, 25 Aug 2015 15:31:05 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32880 kilmeen-u14sKilbree U14 hurlers played St Oliver Plunketts in Ballinascarthy on Monday evening. Both teams have had some great closely fought battles over the years and have been well matched in both hurling and football.

Kilbree opened the scoring with a great point by Thomas Tyner. However Plunketts came back with two of their own. A goal mid- way through the first half gave Kilbree a lead that they would never relinquish. A second goal by Thomas Tyner gave Kilbree a lead of 2-4 to 0-5 at half time.


This continued to be a very close intense encounter. Kilbree had a five point lead with ten minutes remaining. The sending off of a Plunketts player at this stage helped the Kilbree cause. Kilbree dominated in the last ten minutes. A great goal by Kieran O’Sullivan in the closing minutes ensured the Kilbree lads would reach a West Cork Final against Clonakilty.


The final score was Kilbree 3-12 to Oliver Plunkett’s 0-09.


Team: Brian Carmody, Cian Murphy, Thomas O’Sullivan, Mark Tobin, Conor Hurley (0-1), Thomas Tyner (2-11), Mark Keohane, David O’Regan, Paul Lyons, Kieran O’Sullivan (1-0), Cathal Dineen, Jack Murphy, Darren Scannell, Shane Reilly, Sean Crowley and Oisin O’Sullivan.


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Kilmeen & Kilbree GAA noteshttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32874 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32874#comments Mon, 24 Aug 2015 13:46:52 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32874 U21 Hurling C'ship V Bantry Sun 230815U21 Hurling

The U21 hurlers faced Bantry in the B championship quarter final on Sunday evening last. This was a keenly fought contest between two evenly matched teams. However, Kilbree emerged as victors on a score line of 1-13 to 1-11. Team: William Tyner, Aidan O’Shea, Liam O’Brien, Oige Scannell, Brian Keohane, Jonathan Deasy, Sean Deasy, Shane O’Donovan, Shane Scannell, Finian Deasy, Liam Daly (0-01), Kevin Keohane (0-01), Joseph O’Donovan, Michael D Keohane (1-09), Damien O’Gorman (0-01). Subs: James Clancy, Eamonn Barrett (0-01), Darren Santry,  Fionnan Mc Carthy, Barry Kirby, Niall O’Sullivan, Danny O’Sullivan, Daniel Tobin, Cian McCarthy, Daniel O’Donovan, Colum O’Donovan and Eoin Connolly.


Minor Hurling

The minor hurlers began their championship campaign with a match against Sam Maguires last week. Kilbree were dominant in the first half but Sam Maguires made a comeback on the resumption to secure a draw. Score: Kilbree 1-13, Sam Maguires 2-10. The replay is due to be played this week. Team: Jamie Santry, Fionnan McCarthy, Brian Keohane, Jamie O’Donovan, Jonathan Deasy, Gearoid McCarthy, Barry Kirby, Kevin Keohane(0-07, 5f), Oige Scannell, Danny O’Sullivan, Colum O’Donovan (1-01), Shane Scannell (0-02), Killian O’Driscoll, Niall O’Sullivan, Joseph O’Donovan (0-03). Subs: Eoin Mc Carthy, Cathal Daly, Eoin Connolly, Cathal McCarthy, Rory Brimble, Darren Santry.



U14 hurling league Wed 190815 V Fastnet Gaels

U14 hurling league

The U14 hurlers travelled to Ballydehob on Wednesday evening to take on Fastnet Gaels.  Kilbree were dominant throughout this game and the result was never in doubt.  The final score was Kilbree 9-17 to Fastnet Gaels 1-03.  This team play St Oliver Plunketts in the hurling championship this week.


Team:  Brian Carmody, Mark Tobin, Cian Murphy, Thomas O’Sullivan, Conor Hurley, Thomas Tyner, Jack Murphy, Cathal Dineen, Paul Lyons, Mark Keohane, Kieran O’Sullivan, Darren Scannell and Shane Reilly.





U12 Hurling V St Fachtnas Thurs 200815

U12 hurling league

On Thursday night the U12 hurlers played St Fachtnas in Rosscarbery.  The home side were stronger on the night.  The final score was St Fachtnas 11-5 to Kilbree’s 3-3.


Team:  Bryan Buttimer, Kate O’Donovan, Caoimhe Murphy, Conor O’Sullivan, Brian Carmody, Oisin O’Sullivan, Ryan Jennings, Ethan Buttimer, Ethan Jennings, Darragh Dullea, Darren McCarthy, Micheal Keohane, Eoin O’Sullivan and Rachel Deasy.



U12 Camogie V Barryroe

U12 Camogie League

On Tuesday last Kilbree’s U12 Camogie girls played Barryroe in Rossmore.  This was a very close and exciting encounter.  The final score was Barryoe 3-04 to Kilbree’s 3-00.


Team:  Cara Collins, Alice Twomey, Orla Kennefick, Alison Collins, Maeve O’Neill, Emma O’Driscoll, Jessica O’Driscoll, Emily O’Donovan, Caoimhe Murphy, Aife O’Neill, Rachel Deasy, Sinead O’Sullivan and Heather Brimble.



Club Fundraiser

Kilmeen Drama Group is staging their play “Widows Paradise” on Friday 18th September in aid of Kilmeen & Kilbree GAA and Kilmeen Social Club.  Booking is essential for this hilarious comedy.  Tickets may be booked by contacting Pat Tobin, Christy Daly, James Coakley, Tom Scannell or Helen Hayes.



Lotto Results

There was no winner of this week’s lotto jackpot.  The numbers drawn were 31, 32 and 42.  The lucky dip winners were Davy O’Donovan, Norma Dalton and Niamh O’Dowd.  Next week’s jackpot is €7,000.

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Myross Rowing Club Noteshttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32868 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32868#comments Mon, 24 Aug 2015 13:42:45 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32868 The All-Ireland Senio Ladies champion gold medal winning crew of Ciara Deasy (cox); Aine McCarthy; Niamh Browne; Grace Sheehy and Mairead Daly.

The All-Ireland Senio Ladies champion gold medal winning crew of Ciara Deasy (cox); Aine McCarthy; Niamh Browne; Grace Sheehy and Mairead Daly.

After all the hours of training and commitment over the last 6 months,The Myross Senior Ladies pulled out all the stops to come home with the Gold in the All-Ireland Senior Ladies Race in Waterville Co.Kerry on Sunday August 16th last.

After a shaky start,The reigning county and South West Champions crew of Ciara Deasy (cox) Aine McCarthy,Niamh Browne, Grace Sheehy and Mairead Daly,settled into their rhythm and powered off to catch their fellow competitors of Arklow, Killorglin, the Galley flash, East Ferry and Valentia.

With adrenaline high and nerves forgotten and an All-Ireland Gold medal at stake,they eventually pulled away ahead to get first into the turn and once out of the turn,continued to impressively power their way home to victory to beat Arklow and Killorglin by 5 lengths, who were battling to the end for silver and bronze with Arklow just getting the silver on the line.

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Bantry Community Choir Newshttp://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32866 http://westcorktimes.com/home/archives/32866#comments Mon, 24 Aug 2015 13:36:41 +0000 http://westcorktimes.com/home/?p=32866 Bantry Community Choir. Pic: Emma Jervis

Bantry Community Choir.
Pic: Emma Jervis

September marks the new season for Bantry Community Choir and after a short summer break we are now meeting weekly every Thursday evening 7.30pm to 9pm at the Maritime Hotel.

Bantry Community Choir enjoyed a successful year with many new members joining. As a group of people who love to sing, they have built on and developed a wide and varied repertoire of lovely songs that they have really enjoyed performing throughout the year at a variety of venues in Bantry, Skibbereen, Cahergh and Schull.

Performances have included a concert at the Maritime Hotel, visits to Deerpark Nursing Home and Perrott House, as well as supporting World Music Day, Mental Health Week and taking part in

an Easter service at Schull Church with the smaller church choir. Being part of a group of people who come from many different backgrounds and cultures but who collectively so enjoy singing is genuinely life enhancing and pleasurable.

The choir are now looking forward to the new season ahead with a whole new set of concerts – there are some new and very exciting events coming up!

They are starting the season with a concert at the Maritime Hotel on Friday, October 9th. It will again be hosted by the brilliant Evelyn Grant and will feature a range of local, talented choirs and singers. Tickets will be available throughout September and early October.

Keep an eye open for the posters and Facebook trailers for the event. The choir really look forward to seeing the public there at the Maritime on the night.

Another October event for Bantry Community Choir will be singing at Thomond Park in support of Munster Rugby – a great thrill!

They are already working on their Christmas concert events too and there will be plenty of further information to come in the next few weeks so do keep a look out.

Finally for further information contact the Choir Coordinator Nora Edgeworth

at: noraedgeworth12@gmail.com or call 086 194 8074.

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