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Soccerline – Every point counts

by Striker   Last Saturday’s games, apart from the Cup Semi-Final, were mainly taken up with those hell for leather battles in the bargain basement of the league, now, with only about four games left in total, in their most hectic state. Every point gained from now on is worth its veritable weight in gold, and, in the very final analysis, the whole shebang should go right down to the

Chelsea hit the front

by Striker   In the welter of excitement over the last fortnight in both Premiership and FA Cup, Chelsea seem to have quietly slipped away into a Premiership lead of seven points. As I mentioned last week, the Pensioners have been going about their business in an almost behind the scenes fashion, to slip away into a decent lead, which will make it very tough on the chasing pack to

Soccerline – winners and losers

by Striker As the season progresses, this years Premiership looks like being the best in a long time, with the top four tightening up, and the next three teams close up and waiting for any slip-up that the leaders are bound to make as we go along our way. Last Saturday was a day of reckoning for our leading four, as they were all on the carpet to prove their

Soccerline – Cup fever

by Striker   The so-called January transfer window, every single year, ever since it came on board , has been a largely a non-event over the years, and, it seems to me, at any rate, that most managers, having been sorting out their teams in the first half of the season, don’t really like to disturb a team that is already in a settled shape, so to speak.

Soccerline – Money, money, money

by Striker   It is a fact that the lot of the player has come an awful long way in the money stakes since the early sixties, when, in a period from 1960 to 1964, the wage, which was called the “Maximum Wage”, rose from £14 per match, to a very heady £20 per match, plus bonuses of course.   This was pretty good money at the time, for the