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The benefts of fish farming

Dear Sir,   I refer to the letter carried by your paper this week by Alec O’Donovan of Save Bantry Bay entitled ‘opposition to fish farming’ and wish to respond.   Marine Harvest’s recent meeting with the Irish Government, to which the author refers, was held to discuss the many jobs and opportunities open to Ireland through the global growth of aquaculture. Another item on the agenda was how Ireland

Letters – opposition to fish farming

History repeats itself. Just as theologians of old tailored science to back their leader’s beliefs, today the Marine Institute tailors their research to back Minister Simon Coveney’s agenda.   In publishing papers stating sea lice have little impact on wild salmon, the Marine Institute positioned themselves in direct opposition to all other international research studies on the topic to date. This begs the question, why is the Marine Institute going

Letters – need for climate change legislation

Dear Editor,   Michael McCarthy TD and Diarmuid Cohalan are to be congratulated for raising the issue of climate change and the challenge it presents for all of us. It is encouraging to see that there is now broad political agreement on the need for climate change legislation. The level of interest is reflected in over forty submissions being made to the Oireachtas by groups and individuals on the Climate

Letters – SFP irony

Dear Editor, In reply to Labour Party TD Michael McCarthy’s letter in the West Cork Times outlining climate change and our future obligations in that regard.   Perhaps we should remind Deputy McCarthy that the carbon footprint left behind by Fine Gael and Labour and their destruction of the Disadvantaged Areas in this country by writing off millions of euro of already small Single Farm Payments which could be best

Letters – Bad weather is evidence of climate change

Dear Sir,   Since Ed Miliband’s comments linking the flooding across Britain with man-made climate change, the denialist myth machine has been running on overdrive. Climate Change may seem remote and intangible. You can’t see pollution and we imagine it’s impacts maybe felt either in distant lands or in the distant future. But Climate change is one of the key issues facing the world today and it is important that

Letters – cuts hitting farmers hard

Dear Editor,   The last disastrous FF/Green administration sowed the seeds of the current regime and have sealed the fate of those farming marginal land. FF and the Greens put the first nails into the coffins of Western Farmers .They cut the Area based payments,abolished the Farm Retirement Scheme and slashed the REPS.The leadership seems oblivious as to the consequences .

Letters – Public accountability

Dear Editor, The past few weeks have been dominated by large handshakes. The dark and dodgy arrangements again to allow those at the top to benefit from the generosity of the ordinary people and those who have fallen on hard times or victims of austerity to end up going further into poverty. Should we ask ourselves the question why on a small island do so many people depend on charities?

Letters – Water privitisation on the way?

Dear Editor, George Bernard Shaw said “Ireland is the only open air asylum in Western Europe being run by the inmates” . The Government rushed through the Water Services Bill in the dying moments of the Dail Session before they broke up for their Xmas Holidays in order to avoid debate. This Bill allowed for the transfer of all Local Authority Assets to Irish Water. It took water services out

Letters – Multi Billion Robbery

Irish Water ….what a pup we are being sold! We are likely to be charged up to€400.00 per household  for our water from next year. The Property tax we paid in 2013 has already been pumped into this new monstrosity and not a single cent has come back into local services as we were promised.   The €40 million that was supposed to come back to Cork County Council isn’t