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It’s in our interest to approve referendum says TD

LOCAL Fine Gael TD Noel Harrington is urging people in West Cork to support the passing of the Fiscal Compact Treaty referendum which he says is “in the best interest of Ireland’s future and will help ensure our economic recovery”. Deputy Harrington said the premise of the Treaty, which centres on responsible budgeting, has long been a commitment of the Fine Gael Party.

Irish citizens must have their say on austerity Treaty

The final text of the Eurozone austerity treaty as agreed by 25 of 27 EU heads of Government in Brussels, will do nothing to solve the Eurozone crisis. Indeed it will make matters worse. The Treaty involves the surrender of important Irish fiscal and budgetary matters to un-elected and unaccountable EU officials and the imposition of drastic and destructive austerity. It confers significant new powers on the European Commission and