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The dreaded relegation

by Striker   The results of last weekend have thrown the Premiership relegation battle into a little bit more of a quandary, for, as I mentioned last week, QPR and Reading already have the going down look about them, but as to who will accompany them into the limbo of the Championship is still, to all intents and purposes, up for grabs.   The dreaded relegation magnet has, on the

Likely quartet in the cup

by Striker LAST weekend, in the Premiership, the two Manchester teams both ground out wins, in what could be termed as somewhat fortunate circumstances, with the Red Devils slightly more impressive in their particular match. They did look to be in command over the last half-hour, although it was too close for comfort. City, on the other hand, having almost totally dominated the first period, were then put on the

City hold an uneasy lead

by Striker Although Man City’s win over Wigan on Monday night seems to have had the effect of consolidating their slender lead at the head of the Premiership table, events over the last month would indicate that at best, it is an uneasy lead. Some of the recent results would appear to defy logic, but, it has to be remembered that those teams in the lower half of the table,