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Soccerline 18/02/14

by Striker   Well, wouldn’t ya just know it! There I am, for many occasions over the years, constantly preaching about people who sometimes get so involved with the subject matter that they are dealing with, that they actually forget things that are going on around them. This is just what happened to me last week, proving once again the fallibility of the human animal in any given situation.

Soccerline – winners and losers

by Striker As the season progresses, this years Premiership looks like being the best in a long time, with the top four tightening up, and the next three teams close up and waiting for any slip-up that the leaders are bound to make as we go along our way. Last Saturday was a day of reckoning for our leading four, as they were all on the carpet to prove their

Soccerline – the cup still matters

by Striker The renowned magic of the FA Cup was very evident over last weekend, and, strange as it might seem, there were no really major shocks in the series of matches played. You know, it often has amazed me as to why certain teams and managers place little value on this competition, seeing that it is the oldest in the soccer world as we know it.

Soccerline – Cup fever

by Striker   The so-called January transfer window, every single year, ever since it came on board , has been a largely a non-event over the years, and, it seems to me, at any rate, that most managers, having been sorting out their teams in the first half of the season, don’t really like to disturb a team that is already in a settled shape, so to speak.

Soccerline – Money, money, money

by Striker   It is a fact that the lot of the player has come an awful long way in the money stakes since the early sixties, when, in a period from 1960 to 1964, the wage, which was called the “Maximum Wage”, rose from £14 per match, to a very heady £20 per match, plus bonuses of course.   This was pretty good money at the time, for the

Soccer results 22-24/11/13

West Cork League   Sunday, 24 November 2013   West Cork League Premier Division Baltimore  4-2  Cloughduv Drinagh Rangers  2-1  Skibbereen Rosscarbery  1-4  Dunmanway Town Togher Celtic  2-2  Clonakilty AFC

Soccerline – finding form

by Striker   The fluctuations in soccer form have never ceased to amaze me over the years, for, how often have you seen a team getting up a head of steam early on in the season, only to fall by the wayside as the season progresses.   For instance, West Ham won their very first game this season, and were riding proudly in the top six or so for a

Soccerline – The dream team

by Striker   You will have heard that famous old saying, “ask not for whom the bell tolls, for now it tolls for thee”, or words to that effect.   What it effectively means is that the time of reckoning has come when concerted action must be the order of the day in whatever task is facing those involved.

Soccerline – confidence

by Striker   Well, as mentioned last week, for the benefit of those at the moment hard-pressed Man Utd fans, the present manager David Moyes ought to be given every chance to prove his suitability for this very prestigious manager’s post, given the cold fact that very few managers in the history of the game have went into a club and took it on a winning spree immediately.