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Letters – Legislators decimated our fishing industry

Dear Sirs, We in Ireland are very fortunate. We have a fantastic natural resource in the oceans surrounding our island nation. However our indigenous fishing industry has been decimated by appalling decisions taken by both Irish and European legislators . We have a very valuable asset that is not full filling it’s potential and obviously our nation is failing to capitalize on a huge economical opportunity . Our country is

Monthly fishing quota should be replaced by “days at sea” system

THE current fishing quota system needs a radical overhaul to attract more young people into the industry and make fishing communities along the West Cork coast viable into the future, that’s according to the Beara branch if Young Fine Gael.   Chairman of the group Wayne O Sullivan said that the current system which uses a monthly fishing quota simply does not work.

Minister warns of potential milk super levy

THE Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney has announced that milk supplies to the end of December 2011, taking into account the relevant butterfat adjustment, were estimated at 0.08 per cent under quota. This compares an end November position of 0.41 per cent over quota. The Minister warned milk producers about the “very real threat of a milk super levy at the end of the 2011/2012 milk