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Harry loves a challenege

by Striker   One would really have to wonder sometimes just what is going through a soccer managers mind when one sees the often surprising decisions that they arrive at.   For instance, what was Harry Redknapp’s thinking when he took on what looks to be a major task at QPR.

How long will Rafa last?

by Striker   The extraordinary scenes witnessed before Sunday’s game at Stamford Bridge between Chelsea and Man City would remind one of a club trying to get rid of a manager after a long losing run-but no-it was a crowd, Chelsea’s, trying to get rid of a manager who had just arrived, by name, Rafael Benitez..  

Everton the team of the season so far

by Striker   Having a cursory look back over the Premiership so far, one would have to say that the team of the season up to now just has to be Everton, who, under manager David Moyes, have produced a consistency that has taken them into a well-earned fourth place in the table.

Guess who’s back?

by Striker This weekend sees the opening games in this season’s English Premiership, with the whole twenty teams heading into what will be, for every single one of them, a concerted plunge into the cauldron of vibrant competition.

Down to the wire

by Striker Well, what do you know, after all that shilly-shallying since Christmas, when first one, and then the other, looked like going clear, the battle between the two Mancunian teams is going right down to the wire for the Premiership.

The final countdown

by Striker THE countdown to the final stages of the Premiership is fast approaching, and if last weekend ‘s results are anything to go by, the destination of the title is still a little bit up in the air. The Red Devils seem to be faltering a little, and the Sky Blues are coming with a bit of a flutter, so it really looks as if its all down to

The home straight

by Striker THE impending wind-up to the current English soccer season got one of its traditional reminders last weekend, when the finalists for the FA Cup became known, they being Chelsea and Liverpool, who both came out of a massive number of teams, in a competition which had its preliminary rounds in last November.

Reds have title wrapped up

by Striker  Well, there we all were, four or five weeks ago, spoutin’ our platitudes about just how well the Premiership was shaping up this season, for, if you recall, it did look at the time that there were a minimum of four or five teams going to be involved in the final destination of the treasured pennant for this season. The usual Pundits of television, radio, and those of

A funny old game

by Striker WHEN the legendary Jimmy Greaves, all of those years ago, made that casual remark on TV that, “soccer is a funny old game”, little did he know just how near the truth he really was, for, as subsequent events have proven over the years,  the beautiful game has more ups and downs in it than one would find in a yo-yo. If one needs any proof of this,

Scuppered by Brighton

by Striker Well, would you believe it! Last Saturday we looked well under way with our weekend bet, with three of the four selections already in the bag, only waiting for what looked like the certainty of the day, Newcastle to beat Brighton. It wasn’t to be however, as Newcastle, with what I would rate as their worst display of the season so far, somehow allowed Brighton to dictate the

Likely quartet in the cup

by Striker LAST weekend, in the Premiership, the two Manchester teams both ground out wins, in what could be termed as somewhat fortunate circumstances, with the Red Devils slightly more impressive in their particular match. They did look to be in command over the last half-hour, although it was too close for comfort. City, on the other hand, having almost totally dominated the first period, were then put on the

City hold an uneasy lead

by Striker Although Man City’s win over Wigan on Monday night seems to have had the effect of consolidating their slender lead at the head of the Premiership table, events over the last month would indicate that at best, it is an uneasy lead. Some of the recent results would appear to defy logic, but, it has to be remembered that those teams in the lower half of the table,

Never write off Man Utd

by Striker AS I mentioned last week, there is still a distinct possibility that there will be new leaders in the English Premiership for the opening of the new year, 2012. Man Utd, the perennial recovery experts, are in really prime position to do so, and I’m sure that they would dearly love to unseat their greatest natural rivals, Man City, to regain again their so-long bragging rights in that

Roy tells it straight

By Striker Man Utd manager Alex Ferguson really takes the cake when it comes to criticism, especially when its aimed at him and his team. This aspect was well illustrated last week, following the Red Devils mid-week defeat by Basle in the Champions League. Ferguson, who is no daw at expressing strong opinions about many of the other teams around him, certainly took umbrage at some of the remarks made

100 per cent

by Striker OUR forecast saga in the English Premiership continues to roll merrily along, and produced another 100 per cent result rate from last week’s recommendations. Although it was nice to see our four selections romp home, it has to be said that maybe we are in a honeymoon period, that is touched with a kind of a beginners luck talisman.