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Soccerline – The right man for the job?

by Striker   Well, the trap, to quote a well-worn out phrase, has finally been sprung on the enigmatic Trappatoni, and his side-kick Tardelli, and it seems that they both have come to an amicable agreement with the FAI before taking their leave of these shores, and while it is always traumatic to see any manager removed from his post, nevertheless one could say that it was an almost inevitable

Soccerline – Goodnight Vienna

by Striker   Well, it has to be said that the lights are dimming on our World Cup dreams, after another in and out performance against Sweden last Friday evening at the Aviva, when we again disappointed against a rather pedestrian Swedish team, who looked throughout that they seemed to be happy to come away with a draw from the visit.

Soccerline – They’re off

by Striker   Well, last weekend’s Premier fixtures did turn out to be the can of worms that I forecast it would be, although we did manage to salvage a double out of all the debris.   The games between Everton and West Brom, and Newcastle v West Ham turned out to be somewhat boring draws, but there were good wins recorded by Arsenal and Stoke City.

Soccerline – up and runnng

by Striker   Well, the first series of games are done and dusted in the new Premiership season, and from the resultant debris we managed to salvage a three out of four salvation in our weekend yankee.   You may remember last season that we did accomplish this near miss on many occasions, so let’s hope that we don’t get into this near miss habit again.

Soccerline – United’s journey

by Striker   The retirement at the end of last season of the legendary Alex Ferguson prompts me to feature that club this week, and give a decided opportunity to the present loyal supporters of the Red Devils, who mainly came on board well after the beginning of the Premiership in 1990, when the trophy table at Old Trafford began to pick up again, having gone through some lean times

Musical chairs

by Striker   TO paraphrase an old Gilbert and Sullivan ditty, “a soccer manager’s lot is not a happy one”, an adage that would apply this week in many quarters in both England and Ireland.

Down to business

by Striker   Well, here we are, in the closing weeks of the Premiership season, and one could not say that the fight for the title was, from mid-season on anyway, the guts and garters effort that you would expect to get from teams when there is obviously so much at stake.

United’s 20th title well-deserved

by Striker   Well, you all will have noticed that all of the Premier League Saturday matches over last weekend had a 3pm start.   This was something of a first, as normally you would have an early game at 12:45, with another usually at around 5pm, all of course to accomodate the television channels, which was a grand thing, and really gave us the ongoing facility of seeing as

The dreaded relegation

by Striker   The results of last weekend have thrown the Premiership relegation battle into a little bit more of a quandary, for, as I mentioned last week, QPR and Reading already have the going down look about them, but as to who will accompany them into the limbo of the Championship is still, to all intents and purposes, up for grabs.   The dreaded relegation magnet has, on the

The league needs characters

by Striker   Well, wouldn’t you think that we had enough unusual characters in the top league already, especially when one looks at the weekly antics of the various managers trying to upstage each other, week in, week out, and playing the well known mind games before important matches, in an effort to psyche out their opposite numbers.

Under pressure

by Striker   As we head towards the last third of the English soccer season, one can see some signs of the extreme pressure that most teams are under, especially in the Premier League.   With some trying their utmost to survive in what they call the “money” division, and others endeavouring to win the only piece of the silverware left to them on the land of England, that of

Down to business in the Premiership

by Striker   Well, the countdown is on, leading into one of the crucial times of every soccer season, the Christmas roundabout of matches which can totally affect the prospects of some of the Premiership clubs who are on the cusp of their season, hovering in or just above the dreaded relegation zone, and all hoping to garnish some important survival points over the festive season.

A reminder of the bad old days

by Striker   THE innate quality of the football standard in the Premiership was well to the fore over the weekend, when we had some outstanding games to witness and talk about.   The best and the worst of English football was witnessed on Sunday, when, after thrilling games between West Ham and Liverpool, with the Pool coming out on top for a change, and then Everton completed a great

And they’re off

by Striker   THE vagaries than constantly plague the soccer world came into play again last Saturday, when both sides of its face were evident in the first win for Man Utd in this season’s Premier League.

Guess who’s back?

by Striker This weekend sees the opening games in this season’s English Premiership, with the whole twenty teams heading into what will be, for every single one of them, a concerted plunge into the cauldron of vibrant competition.

What a finish

by Striker Last weekend, English soccer saw one of the greatest finishes ever in the history of the Premiership League, when, as we discussed in depth last week, the two Manchester teams really fought tooth and nail to gain the advantage, in as thrilling a climax to a league as was ever witnessed anywhere, let alone in England.

What a turnaround

by Striker What a turnaround! My synopsis last week about the continuing deterioration of the Premiership has, as the weeks go by, been strongly confirmed, even if only by the continual upside down nature of the weekly form of the majority of the teams.