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Corcaigh, Ireland

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Museum of Miniature touring West Cork Islands

WEST Cork Arts Centre presents the ‘Museum of Miniature: The Islands’, a portable museum curated by artists Marie Brett and Tess Leak which is touring to the West Cork Islands of Sherkin, Heir and Bere this summer. This ‘pop-up and wondrous’ museum of tiny artworks that ‘fit in the palm of your hand’ includes work from artists based on Irish off-shore Islands plus those on European and international islands including

RNLI Baltimore rescue yacht aground at Heir Island

ON a sunny Easter Sunday Morning both the Valtimore all weather and inshore lifeboats were called upon to give assistance to a yacht had grounded on rocks at a treacherous stretch between Cunnamore Pier and Heir Island on a falling tide. The 35ft yacht had four people on board at the time. The yacht was well aground when the lifeboats arrived.