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Under pressure

by Striker   As we head towards the last third of the English soccer season, one can see some signs of the extreme pressure that most teams are under, especially in the Premier League.   With some trying their utmost to survive in what they call the “money” division, and others endeavouring to win the only piece of the silverware left to them on the land of England, that of

The home straight

by Striker THE impending wind-up to the current English soccer season got one of its traditional reminders last weekend, when the finalists for the FA Cup became known, they being Chelsea and Liverpool, who both came out of a massive number of teams, in a competition which had its preliminary rounds in last November.

Likely quartet in the cup

by Striker LAST weekend, in the Premiership, the two Manchester teams both ground out wins, in what could be termed as somewhat fortunate circumstances, with the Red Devils slightly more impressive in their particular match. They did look to be in command over the last half-hour, although it was too close for comfort. City, on the other hand, having almost totally dominated the first period, were then put on the

FA Cup third round

by Striker AS I strongly pointed out before the holidays, this year’s Premiership League is the most unpredictable in years, with some six or seven teams fighting tooth and nail, not alone for the overall title, but also for those treasured six places that would take them into the lucrative world of European Competition. The top two teams at the moment, incidentally, both from Manchester, are only stuttering along at