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Soccerline – familiar faces

by Striker Taking up the story of the World Cup where we left off last week, Friday’s first quarter finals gave us some rather expected results, although both games were tighter than many would have thought. First of all, Germany, having taken the lead in the first half through a Hummels header, held on gamely in the second half to register that they were the first team into the semi-finals. France

Soccerline – world cup has bite

Well, what do you think now? Have you changed your horse in mid stream as regards who you imagine will win the World Cup! I must admit, having viewed the vast majority of the games to date, that this World Cup has turned out to be one of the most open that I have ever come across. We do realise that in any of these type of tournaments, that unusual

Soccerline – same old story for England

by Striker Well, as we all saw and felt last week, the World Cup results continued to have more than their usual surprises , with the upshot being that a few of the fancied teams are on their way home. Soccer, as we well know, and as the famous Jimmy Greaves said some years ago, “is a funny old game”, which was borne out in the latter end of last

Soccerline – World Cup Fever

by Striker The World Cup has begun, and, as one would expect, has really grabbed the interest of the soccer fraternity, and, as I noticed during last week, you could see the gradual involvement of a growing number of people in all manner of local busters and sweeps on the whole competition. Brazil, being the host country, can expect, as history seems to have proven, many little favours in their games,

Soccerline – up for the cup

by Striker   Wembley on Cup Final day just has to be every players field of dreams, and I’m sure that every player who did take the field in Saturday’s final must have felt more than a little bit privileged. An FA Cup medal, like any country’s cup medal, is always a cherished memento of a historic encounter, even if only for the fact that not every player is lucky

Soccerline – Every point counts

by Striker   Last Saturday’s games, apart from the Cup Semi-Final, were mainly taken up with those hell for leather battles in the bargain basement of the league, now, with only about four games left in total, in their most hectic state. Every point gained from now on is worth its veritable weight in gold, and, in the very final analysis, the whole shebang should go right down to the