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Do you have a fear of public speaking?

If you do indeed have a fear of public speaking like most of us, then come and join us at our next meeting in the Trident Hotel Kinsale. You will not only better your skills of public speaking, but also your communication skills, organisation skills and you will also come a away from a meeting having had a laugh and learnt some interesting fact. Remeber you speak only when you

Bric-á-Brac Sale for Africa

A big bric-á-brac sale is being held to benefit two charities working on serious current health-related matters in Africa. Médecins Sans Frontières Ireland is involved in devastating Ebola virus crisis in Sierra Leone and Action Lesotho is working to alleviate the crushing impact of HIV/AIDS in a country which has the second highest incidence of the disease in the world. For more information on the two charities visit www.actionlesotho.ie and

It’s the “talk of the town” in Kenmare

by Stephen Johnson THE new Kenmare Marketing and Events Group (KMEG) hosted a “Talk of the Town” meeting at the Kenmare Arts Centre this past week to get input from local residents and businesses on how best to market the Town. Maureen Sullivan of KMEG asked attendees how Kenmare can attract more visitors, how the Town can persuade these visitors to stay longer and spend more money, and how to generate more

Ireland’s only archive web portal makes hundreds of unique archival collections freely available online

THE Irish Archives Resource (IAR), represented by a voluntary group of professional archivists launched an information flyer in the National Archives today about Ireland’s only archive web portal, www.iar.ie to mark its expansion and the provision of access to hundreds of unique archival collections. The portal, the only one of its kind in Ireland, has now doubled in size with descriptions of archival collections from over 30 prominent archive services around

Coastal rowers shop local

The South West Coast Yawl Rowing Association (SWCYRA) is delighted to announce the launch of its much anticipated Discount Card scheme for rowers. Generous support by local businesses in the South West region mean that South West coastal rowers can now take advantage of significant discounts on products as diverse as electrical goods, clothing, car repairs, jewellery, restaurants & sports massage. All current registered members of local coastal rowing clubs