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Letters – Wild Atlantic Way

I am very positive about the Wild Atlantic Way initiative and try to promote local areas through my own social media when the opportunity arises. I am, however,confused by a number of factors. Why does it only begin in Kinsale and not further eastwards-even counties Waterford and Wexford? Why, as evidenced by the sign on the eastern approach to Clonakilty from Ring, is the County Council trying to suggest that

Letters – Cork Airport

Sir, I come from a town called Kinsale, sixteen miles from Cork Airport where we depend on Cork Airport for tourism. The loss of 100 jobs at Cork Airport and another 4000 jobs SIPTU and IMPACT are well aware of British Airways history of downgrading routes. WARNING Cork Airport already struggling under a monstrous debt, could be confronting a doomsday situation and the impact on local economies such as Kinsale;

The Economy Grows But So Does Poverty

This government is renown for its lying, but the explanation for why Kenny and crew claim there is growth and yet the signs of increasing poverty multiply is very straightforward. The purpose of the austerity policy which has been oppressing the whole of the EU and especially Ireland, Greece and Portugal, for seven years now, was the redistribution of income from the low and middle income earners to the high

Letters – exporting education

Dear Editor, In this country we have a population of 4.8 million in that we have 1,365,000 people in education. These are extremely well educated people thanks to our educators the larger portion of which we are exporting. I think this is very very wrong and something has to be done about it. I can never get to grips with the idea that the educated people of Ireland allowed any

Letters – Cork needs a TEAM approach

Dear Sirs, Cork can progress with a TEAM aproach . Last Thursday we learned of a major development which could impinge or enhance the future Governance of Ireland’s largest county Cork. When Minister Alan Kelly joined the Cork City and County Mayors to announce that an expert review group would make recommendations on the Cities’ boundaries and other areas of how Cork’s local Government is managed. Cork and Cork natives

Letters – A myopic view

Dear Sir, It has become very clear to me in the early weeks of 2015 that the Fine Gael deputies in West Cork have decided to step up their denial and continue to gloss over the real problems facing the people of West Cork. This week I heard two West Cork deputies speaking on the radio, one was going around West Cork holding public meetings to consult about the different

Letters – Donkeys Suffer Greatly in our Wet Climate

Dear Editor, Donkeys come from Asia and Africa and have only been in Ireland for a few hundred years – not long enough for them to adapt to our wet climate. Unlike horses, donkeys do not have waterproof coats, and therefore suffer greatly when it is wet and windy. It can severely damage their health and shorten their life. It is therefore absolutely essential to provide a shelter all year

Letters – people treated worse than dogs

Dear Editor, When you kill the people’s spirit in any country, the country dies a premature death. Today we have 4,000 local authority houses lying empty while the number of families on the waiting lists and those falling into homelessness grows. Today we have 2,000 plus beds closed in hospitals around the country, that is 2,000 plus beds that patients are not allowed to go into while we have 600