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Letters – NAMA madness!

Dear Sir While the madness that was NAMA is once again a hot topic, I feel it would be amiss of me not to highlight the following, In 2011  it was discovered the bosses in NAMA namely Brendan McDonagh and Frank Daly were earning €500,000 and €250,000a year respectively. Admittedly Mr McDonagh  had taken a pay cut so that he was earning only twice what the Taoiseach was earning a mere €375,000. 

Letters – Upsetting the Apple cart

Dear Editor, The €13 billion that Brussels says Apple owes the Irish State raises more questions than our Government or previous Governments are willing to answer, some answers we already know. Were Apple given favourable tax terms? The answer is almost certainly yes sweetheart deals were done by Irish Governments and of course our Tax Officials had no choice but to honour what ever was agreed, therefore Apple can say

Letters – Lives not lived

Dear Editor   I’m enjoying a working holiday in West Cork.  The other day I took my dog for a walk and came across an overgrown graveyard and its derelict roofless church.  The graveyard has a splendid and uninterrupted view of the sea and the sky and a landscape that takes your breath away.   I could not help thinking about the people who lie there and wondered about what lives

Letters – Brexit

Dear Sir, The UK’s upcoming referendum on 23 June on its continued membership of the EU has implications for all of Europe, but especially for Ireland.  European Movement Ireland is not telling people how to vote but we are encouraging people to have their say on this important issue.  We are strongly of the view that an EU without the UK would be bad for Europe, bad for the UK

Letters – anti-Catholic bandwagon

Dear Editor, This is a first for me, writing to a magazine. I just want to say that I am in complete agreement with Sekeeta Crowley’s letter. Anne Crossey’s article was nothing more than a rant against the Catholic church.

Letters – Penalty points for the fishing industry

Dear Sirs, The fishing industry has been dealt a destructive blow with the reintroduction of penalty points by Minister Simon Coveney. This has been done in recent days via the signing of a statutory instrument by the Minister . This comes in the wake of a number of successful challenges in the Irish Courts against the penal system enforced by the Sea Fisheries Protection Authority . The penalty points system

Letters – WCDP respond to LEADER criticism

Dear Sirs, One might have expected that Finbarr Harrington’s recent letter to be informed by some basic facts That this wasn’t the case is perhaps of little surprise. Finbarr Harrington appears unaware that the selection of Local Action Groups to implement the LEADER programme, in West Cork as elsewhere, is subject to an “open, fair and transparent” process – a requirement clearly stated by the EU Commission and the Department

Letters – Relgion in education

Dear Editor, Perhaps I should clarify in respect to Ms Crowley’s letter that it is not only the Catholic Church that I believe should be kept well away from the Irish education system but indeed any pushers of totalitarian doctrine at all. I would be equally concerned if schools had a Nazi or Stalinist ethos so it is not simply about religion. It is about the indoctrination of children with

Letters – Rant against Christian belief

Dear Editor, I would like to comment on Anne Crossey’s article. I have read and reread it and all I find is a rant against Christian belief in general and the Catholic church in particular. I would be the first to agree that religion in all its many forms has been responsible for divisions and atrocities in the world. As an aside, there have also been many atrocities which have

Letters – LEADER programme funding

Dear sirs, Communities across Cork are battling challenging times and have been ravaged by cuts to essential funding. The commencement of the new LEADER programme is anxiously awaited. Its been two or more years since LEADER grants have last been allocated, and I know of community groups across the length and breadth of West Cork who have exciting and worthwhile projects in the pipeline and who have been denied the

Letters – why can’t we dredge our rivers?

Letters to the Editor – email your letters to: Dear Editor, The Seine is a 776 kilometre (482ml) long river which rises in North Eastern France and flows through Paris into the English Channel at Le Harve and it is being constantly dredged and kept clear for all water activities. I ask the simple question why cannot we do the same to our rivers? It is nothing short of a

Letters – against austerity

Dear Editor, Most economists believe austerity is the opposite from what is needed for a depressed economy because it strangles activity at the very point it is needed. The Banks that caused the Global Financial crisis in 2008 were the only ones to be bailed out and now they are stronger than ever. This has all been done on the backs of the people, the ordinary citizens who now appear

Letters – savage cuts on lone parent families

Dear Sir/Madam, This week we have seen how equal and fair Irish society really is. The department of social protection headed up by a “Labour Party” minister, forced another savage and grotesque cut on lone parent families, the Tánaiste literally added insult to injury by insisting it was to assist families to avoid long term unemployment.

Letters – Legislators decimated our fishing industry

Dear Sirs, We in Ireland are very fortunate. We have a fantastic natural resource in the oceans surrounding our island nation. However our indigenous fishing industry has been decimated by appalling decisions taken by both Irish and European legislators . We have a very valuable asset that is not full filling it’s potential and obviously our nation is failing to capitalize on a huge economical opportunity . Our country is

Letters – Aer Lingus sale an opportunity for Cork?

Could the sale of Aer Lingus offer an opportunity or provide more challenges to  Cork Airport ? I hope that the new owners of Aer Lingus view Cork as an opportunity to capitalise on Cork’s fantastic regional hinterland . Areas like West Cork and other scenic tourist destinations can only benefit from an outlook from IAG that Cork as a hub is not full filling it’s vast potential .?More International

Letters – West Cork Tourism is continuing to show signs of recovery and growth 

Green shoots began to appear last summer coupled with the positive inaugural year of the Wild Atlantic Way . In addition hundreds of tourism businesses from Kinsale stretching to Beara have combined to form Tourism West Cork , an initiative established to build cooperation throughout the region while growing the West Cork brand to increase tourist visitors.

The power of the stories we tell ourselves

by Gillian Riordan Many of us can feel we are unsupported, or no one listens to us or left out.  These can be some of the stories we live by and so we interpret life through the lens of these stories. This means I expect no support or not to be listened to or to be left out or whatever the story is that I tell myself. I see these

Letters – Disadvantaged Farmers Legal Challenge

Disadvantaged Farmers Legal Challenge group are challenging the Department of Agriculture against cuts and penalties imposed on farmers in Ireland: 33,000 farmers in marginal and disadvantaged areas across rural Ireland have been hit by cuts and penalties to their Single Farm Payment, imposed on farm land which had been actively farmed and properly maintained for generations but was deemed ineligible and not fit for farming in 2013. Small farms in

Letters – exporting education

Dear Editor, In this country we have a population of 4.8 million in that we have 1,365,000 people in education. These are extremely well educated people thanks to our educators the larger portion of which we are exporting. I think this is very very wrong and something has to be done about it. I can never get to grips with the idea that the educated people of Ireland allowed any

Letters – A myopic view

Dear Sir, It has become very clear to me in the early weeks of 2015 that the Fine Gael deputies in West Cork have decided to step up their denial and continue to gloss over the real problems facing the people of West Cork. This week I heard two West Cork deputies speaking on the radio, one was going around West Cork holding public meetings to consult about the different

Letters – Donkeys Suffer Greatly in our Wet Climate

Dear Editor, Donkeys come from Asia and Africa and have only been in Ireland for a few hundred years – not long enough for them to adapt to our wet climate. Unlike horses, donkeys do not have waterproof coats, and therefore suffer greatly when it is wet and windy. It can severely damage their health and shorten their life. It is therefore absolutely essential to provide a shelter all year

Letters – Dear Santy

Dear Santy, I’m so delighted to write to you again and warn you as you head south for Ireland to bear in mind that here in Ireland the clocks have been turned back by 167 years and not just one hour for winter time. It is now very similar to the dark days of 1847 when boat loads of grain left our country to pay the oppressors while thousands died

Letters – Call for General Election

The next General Election will be about the direction our society takes. Will it be more austerity and bad politics by the conservative parties ? Or do we grasp the opportunity for new politics, for real change and a more transparent and accountable system of government? I believe that people want a change from the conservative austerity politicies of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour and are open to voting

Letters – Ballymurphy families still waiting

Dear Sir, I am and have always been a man who finds injustice abhorrent, in life we all see injustice and are confronted with the choice to act of remain silent. Sometimes there is very little we can do to combat these injustices but it is my belief that I must do what I can. It is in this regard I require your assistance. I would like to highlight for

Letters – Irish Water another quango

Dear Editor, Every town and village in Ireland you go into Irish Water dominate the scene with posters and marches and with very very good reason when you realize that, €500 million out of the State Pension Fund, €600 million from our car tax, our property tax is also gone to Irish Water, it is apparently heading for €2 billion invested in Irish Water. Borrowing off the balance sheet my

Letters – thank you from Friends of Marymount Hospice

On behalf of the Friends of Marymount Hospice / West Cork we would like to thank you sincerely for the recent donation of €2,250.92 A ‘BIG’ thanks to all the sponsors; to those who gave raffle prizes and to all those who donated directly into the collection box. Thank you to the many people who helped in so many ways, making the evening such a huge success! A list of

Letters – Palestine and Israel

Sir, Sandra O Gorman’s letter, September 25, refers to Palestinians as “indigenous”. Anyone who has studied middle eastern history would know that this is absolutely not correct. The indigenous people are the Jewish people. Jewish people are indigenous to what is called Israel, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and have had continuous presence that dates back to between 1250 to 1300 B.C.E, which is between 3,264 to 3,314 years ago.

Letters – All one sided media coverage of the Gaza Crisis

As an Irish person working in Israel for the past number of years, I am today ashamed to be Irish in Tel Aviv.The Irish people are directing alot of hate to this country, they are very misinformed due to one sided reporting and untruths on the Gaza conflict and in general about Israel. With regards to the issues drawn up by Michael O Sullivan I would like to address them.

Letters – Gaza Silence

Dear Editor. Albert Einstein once said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything” It is so so sad to see so many of our gutless Irish politicians of all grades shirk to comment on the systemic obliteration of Gaza to hot to handle, it doesn’t justify their positions.