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Letters- water charges

Dear Editor,   On 18th August 1999 the IFA made a submission to the then Dept of Environment and Local Government signed by Jim Devlin. Executive Secretary to the IFA Farm Business and Industry and Environment Committees (Sept.1992-Aug.2006) advocating the introduction of Water Taxes, this document was never circulated and it’s unclear if it was ever provided to the local branches of the organisation.

Letters – Palestine/Israel issue

Dear Sir, Some of your readers may be wondering why the Palestine/Israel issue is so prominent in the correspondence columns of a local newspaper like the West Cork Times. That it should be so is, I suggest, a tribute to the formidable efficiency of the Israeli propaganda machine, which sniffs out critical comment worldwide and promptly marshalls its local outriders to respond.

Letters – West Cork badly under-represented at council level

Sir, If all the children of this nation are supposed to be treated fairly and equitably, can some politician explain why the West Cork area has been so shamefully treated in the allocation of local representatives on the county council? West Cork (Ballinascarthy to Dursey Island) has one rep per 5,781 inhabitants covering an area twice the size of many counties. Similarly, Bandon/Kinsale has a proportion of 5,245 per representative.

Letters – Palestine and Israel

Sir, Sandra O Gorman’s letter, September 25, refers to Palestinians as “indigenous”. Anyone who has studied middle eastern history would know that this is absolutely not correct. The indigenous people are the Jewish people. Jewish people are indigenous to what is called Israel, Judea and Samaria (West Bank) and have had continuous presence that dates back to between 1250 to 1300 B.C.E, which is between 3,264 to 3,314 years ago.

Letters – Israel and Gaza

Dear Editor, And, respectfully, Mark O’Brien (‘More Israel and Gaza’): If any of what you say is true – and I am guessing that your introduction ‘The Gatestone Institute believes that traditional news outlets conduct insufficient reporting on critical issues and thus distributes information about events which is often very misleading’ was not what you intended to say! – then of course it is appalling. I have no doubt that

Letters – water charges

Dear Sir, I am very happy that we have finally started to talk about growth in this Country after the disastrous condition the last FF and Greens government left us, however before Michael Noonan et al start their lap of honor I would ask that we all consider the following statistics I have harvested form newspapers over the last few days.

Letters – More Israel and Gaza

Re: Sandra O Gorman’s letter September 25 “yes, over 2000 Palestinians were bombed, shot, buried in rubble -call it murder, accident, collateral damage, genocide, poor soldiering, ethnic cleansing, however you want to see it……… Mr Mudar Zahran (a Palestinian writer and academic from Jordan residing in the UK ) at Gatestone Institute interviewed Gazans over the phone and Skype during the Gaza crisis. The Gatestone Institute believes that traditional news

Letters – apologists for Zionism

Dear Editor, What an explosion of vitriol in response to Jim Wilson’s mild letter! I couldn’t even begin to take on a whole posse of apologists for Zionism, so I will confine my contribution here to an attempt to respond to the tenor shared by all three letters in your last issue, ie for the benefit of what Mr MacEoin calls “know-nothings who pontificate about matters they have never experienced

Letters – misinformed on Gaza?

Dear Editor Jim Wilson is confused and ill informed. Making accusations- wasn’t that the whole point of Margaret O’ Dees letter? 2000 people murdered? Number exaggerated and no, not murdered, killed in action, half of them militants and the other half participating, Even the Palestinian president himself has openly blamed Hamas for the number of casualties or maybe Jim Wilson choose not to read or hear this. Enclosure? Self created,

Letters – Israel the bulwark

Dear Sir, Your correspondent, Jim Wilson of Dunmanaway (Letters 14 September) really knows his stuff when it comes to Israel and the Palestinians. Or does he? As a senior fellow in Middle East studies, I can assure your readers that he is as clueless as they come. Scarcely a word in his little rant comes close to being true. Where to begin? ‘ These Zionists have no right under INTERNATIONAL