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Letters – Please Contact People about NPPR

The NPPR is a particularly nasty, unfair charge.  Bills were not issued and people were not notified except through the media, if you missed the advertisement or did not understand the terminology used, you could be in for a very nasty shock.  If you owned a property that was not your principal private residence between 2009 and 2013 you may have a liability.  That could mean a holiday home, rental

Letters – Gaza and Israel

Dear sir   I wish to thank Margaret O Dee (letter “Support for Israel” Aug 19) for this very informative and very insightful letter. I have read and reread her letter many times, she is correct by saying that people in Ireland know nothing about Israel and life in Israel. This letter has been an eye opener for me.

Letters – Dunmanway playground

Dear Editor, I read an article in the latest edition on the new Dunmanway playground. It stated its suitability for ages 2-6yrs. As a local resident and delighted to see the work completed, I am very disappointed with the results. The playground is far from suitable for ages 2-6yrs. I brought my 2 and a half year old daughter there and she wasn’t able to climb the vertical ladder for

Letters – All one sided media coverage of the Gaza Crisis

As an Irish person working in Israel for the past number of years, I am today ashamed to be Irish in Tel Aviv.The Irish people are directing alot of hate to this country, they are very misinformed due to one sided reporting and untruths on the Gaza conflict and in general about Israel. With regards to the issues drawn up by Michael O Sullivan I would like to address them.

Letters – Japanese Knotweed

Finally it looks like someone is taking the scourge of Japanese Knotweed seriously (re article 12th August). Here in West Cork it’s spreading at an alarming rate. I think almost too late for efficient eradication. Our roadsides and lovely West Cork hedgerows are being eaten up by the stuff. Snave beach is now taken over and it is moving at a rate of knots.

Letters – Gaza genocide, another “Final Solution”?

Though Israel has ceased, for the moment, its offensive on Gaza, non-combatants including civilians and especially children bore the brunt of the merciless barrage of high-tech weaponry.   The obvious presence of babies and young children as well as elderly and infirm women and men in the target areas which are actually hospitals, schools and homes seemed of little concern to the people who control and condone the latest onslaught.

Letters – Gaza Silence

Dear Editor. Albert Einstein once said, “The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil but by those who watch them without doing anything” It is so so sad to see so many of our gutless Irish politicians of all grades shirk to comment on the systemic obliteration of Gaza to hot to handle, it doesn’t justify their positions.

Letters – Green Paper on Energy Policy

Dear Editor,   May I draw your readers’ attention to the closing date of 31st July for submissions on the Green Paper on Energy Policy in Ireland? We are fortunate to live in a democracy where we are all given the opportunity to contribute to national policy. Once the closing date has passed, that opportunity will have passed, and we will be bound by the regulations that derive from the

Letters – Beara YFG giving youth a voice

BEARA Young Fine Gael is the first youth political party within Beara, and within West Cork for decades and decades. It was founded by Wayne O’Sullivan and Noel Harrington TD, who was the first TD to be elected from the Beara Peninsula, of which we are very proud. This party has not been set up to follow in the path of others but instead create our own path and lead