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Steve Coogan and Philomena – a family story

by Carol Gilbert   DURING an interview in West Cork a few years ago, Steve Coogan stated, ‘I like to do things I am passionate about.’   That passion was to the fore when he quite rightly took on the media during the UK’s Leveson Inquiry.   However when I saw a screening of the film ‘Philomena’ earlier this year I wondered why Coogan would have any connection or passion for the

Trocaire making a difference in Ethiopia

by Roger Morton, Trocaire volunteer When I answered the phone, a familiar voice said: “Hi, it’s Una from the Trocaire office in Cork. We are planning a visit to Ethiopia for a small group of committed volunteers like you to learn more about our work and support your campaigning – would you like to go?” The volunteers would pay for and fund their own travel. I must have hesitated for

Global warming explains decline in wild salmon survival rates

by Carol Gilbert DECLINING numbers of Atlantic wild salmon stocks have mystified scientists for the past 20 years. A recent European Union (EU)-funded research project has produced some surprising results. SALSEA-MERGE, the European strand of the SALSEA project, has made a vital contribution towards discovering why numbers of wild salmon are in decline and dying at sea. The SALSEA project was initiated by the North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organisation (NASC)

Hedgerows, a valuable part of our landscape

by Nikki Darrell (For Cork Branch of the Irish Wildlife Trust) Hedgerows may be a habitat that was originally planted by humans but then we are part of nature too and these habitats serve many valuable purposes. They act as windbreaks, help with land drainage and healthy water tables, and provide food and shelter for many small mammals, birds and insects. Hedgerows also act as ‘highways’ for these creatures to

Documenting Ireland’s islands

by Dolly O’ Reilly   The 2011 census puts the number of island dwellers off the Irish coast at 2,896. The Comhar na nOileán website provides a map of these islands and the number of inhabitants on each. Out of a total of 32 islands, five are now listed an uninhabited (these five islands each had one person living on them according to the 2006 census).

Muskerry woman seeking Euro seat

”’I am driven, passionate and committed to creating a change for the betterment of our people,” so says Muskerry woman Liadh Ní Riada who is Sinn Féin’s candidate in the upcoming European Parliament election on May 23rd. Ní Riada is the party’s National Gaeilge Officer and the youngest daughter of the iconic composer and musician, Seán O’ Riada.

Make a difference in West Cork – Lisheens House, Therapy and Counselling Centre

A 39 year old man took his life in 2007, a family man, he got depressed and could not cope with life, his head became fried and after one suicide attempt he eventually succeeded and ended his own life. That man left his wife, his children and let me tell you, the tsunami it left behind was incomprehensible and unimaginable. That man was the husband of the founder of Lisheens

Gripping account of Ireland’s War of Independence and the Civil War

JAMIE Moynihan had the unique distinction of being the officer commanding the group of Irish Volunteers who carried out the first armed attack on crown forces in Ireland after the Easter Rising, at the Mouth of the Glen in Muskerry on 7 July 1918. He also commanded the Volunteers who carried out the last armed attack of that war, at Céim Carraige, Carriganima, at 3 p.m. on the day of

Canada’s Napa

by Carol Gilbert It’s official.  Penticton BC is the new Napa, scoring higher temperatures, less rainfall than its US counterpart, and with Penticton’s wineries growing in numbers and reputation, it has become a major tourist destination for Canadians, Americans and visitors from Europe and beyond.  Predominately known in the past as a fruit growing region, and with towns like Summerland and Peachland fringing the Okanagan Lake, the success of its wineries