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The Cloud of Unknowing – Hail Eris!

                ‘Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”     One of the central events in Greek mythology was the Trojan War, waged by the Greeks against the city of Troy when Paris of Troy abducted Helen from her husband Menelaus, King of Sparta. Most people know something about that. What is less well known is how the

Confessions of a Learner Gardener – Bad aubergines and the Autumn Perennial Prune

It’s beginning to feel a lot like autumn. It took a morning of rain showers that persuaded an extra surge of leaf fall onto the roads to convince me that despite all the warmth and sunshine it is actually October. A tree I planted last year but have no recollection of planting has begun to transform from drab dark green into a rich showy red. Whatever it is, I’m glad

An Emigrant’s Diary – time flies!

It was fantastic to have Mom and Dad here in Calgary for two weeks – the time absolutely flew because we packed so much in during their stay. Since Mike and I worked for most of the first week, we didn’t get a huge amount of sightseeing done during the week but Mom and Dad did their own thing during the day, and then we did lots of different activities

Rural Eye – The hues of autumn

AS usual summer ends and autumn comes. The long, languorous days of summer are now gone. The changing of the season heralds the start of one of nature’s most spectacular shows, as the autumn leaves transform into striking hues of red amber and yellow. In addition, this year’s apple trees are fulsome with a magnificent crop of delicious fruit.

Winter is coming

Winter is coming. For those of you who don’t watch Game Of Thrones, you still get my drift. It means long cold nights where the only thing to keep you warm are your summer memories. And your Pennys pajamas. I love a little luxury as much as the next girl but you can keep your Olatz silk pajama set. There is nothing better than being engulfed by a onesie from

Letters – Israel and Gaza

Dear Editor, And, respectfully, Mark O’Brien (‘More Israel and Gaza’): If any of what you say is true – and I am guessing that your introduction ‘The Gatestone Institute believes that traditional news outlets conduct insufficient reporting on critical issues and thus distributes information about events which is often very misleading’ was not what you intended to say! – then of course it is appalling. I have no doubt that

Letters – water charges

Dear Sir, I am very happy that we have finally started to talk about growth in this Country after the disastrous condition the last FF and Greens government left us, however before Michael Noonan et al start their lap of honor I would ask that we all consider the following statistics I have harvested form newspapers over the last few days.

Letters – More Israel and Gaza

Re: Sandra O Gorman’s letter September 25 “yes, over 2000 Palestinians were bombed, shot, buried in rubble -call it murder, accident, collateral damage, genocide, poor soldiering, ethnic cleansing, however you want to see it……… Mr Mudar Zahran (a Palestinian writer and academic from Jordan residing in the UK ) at Gatestone Institute interviewed Gazans over the phone and Skype during the Gaza crisis. The Gatestone Institute believes that traditional news

Don’t stop me now – it’s never too late to pursue your dreams, says Linda Burrage

It all started after I retired and moved to Ireland, to a house in an idyllic spot on a cliff top between Glengariff and Bantry in West Cork. As I immersed myself in the history of the country, I was taken aback by the desperately sad story of the famine years and all those who were forced to leave their homeland because of starvation. I decided to erect a memorial

Letters – apologists for Zionism

Dear Editor, What an explosion of vitriol in response to Jim Wilson’s mild letter! I couldn’t even begin to take on a whole posse of apologists for Zionism, so I will confine my contribution here to an attempt to respond to the tenor shared by all three letters in your last issue, ie for the benefit of what Mr MacEoin calls “know-nothings who pontificate about matters they have never experienced