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Confessions of a Learner Gardener – Mud and Pumpkins

Well, it looks like our long pleasant autumn is over. The clocks have changed into Winter Time, shudder, and we’re plunged into darkness and mud and puddles and drizzle and rain and skies of uniform grey. But no-one is allowed to grumble, not yet, because of the unwritten law stating that any weather related moan must be accompanied by acknowledgement that we had it very good for a long stretch

An Emigrant’s Diary – return of the snow

In this series Clon girl Sharon Whelton who has moved to Calgary in Canada gives us an insight into what life is like for Ireland’s new generation of emigrants.   So we’ve gotten our first taste of snow already – we had small flurries of snow on Sunday, October 26 but it didn’t stick to the ground or anything. It still however made us very excited that snowboarding season will

Rural Eye – Rural inequality needs to be addressed

Research carried out in 2011 by the Vincentian Partnership for Social Justice in association with Irish Rural Link, has formed the basis for a detailed study on the minimum essential budgets for six households types in rural areas. The key findings illustrate that the cost of a minimum standard of living for those household types, in rural areas, is substantially higher than that for their urban counterparts.

The Cloud of Unknowing – On Lilith and Others!

‘The bliss of ignorance is a short and sorry affair beside the subtle delectation of the connoisseur.’   -Stuart Gilbert from ‘A Study of James Joyce’s Ulysses’   They say that the angels are jealous of men, that they will trip over themselves to come at our bidding, because being disembodied, it is only through men that they can see the light of day. I’m experiencing something like this at

Letters- water charges

Dear Editor,   On 18th August 1999 the IFA made a submission to the then Dept of Environment and Local Government signed by Jim Devlin. Executive Secretary to the IFA Farm Business and Industry and Environment Committees (Sept.1992-Aug.2006) advocating the introduction of Water Taxes, this document was never circulated and it’s unclear if it was ever provided to the local branches of the organisation.

Letters – Palestine/Israel issue

Dear Sir, Some of your readers may be wondering why the Palestine/Israel issue is so prominent in the correspondence columns of a local newspaper like the West Cork Times. That it should be so is, I suggest, a tribute to the formidable efficiency of the Israeli propaganda machine, which sniffs out critical comment worldwide and promptly marshalls its local outriders to respond.

Rural Eye -Increasing demand for rural broadband

On August 25th 2014 the National Broadband Scheme (NBS) ended. The Scheme was introduced in 2008, when the contract for delivering broadband to black-spots in rural Ireland was awarded to broadband provider 3. Since 2008 almost 80 million euro of taxpayer’s money has been spent by Government to subsidise the NBS scheme. The ending of the scheme means that broadband bills could now rise by up to €180 per year

Confessions of a Learner Gardener – The Garlic and the Hardwood Cuttings

Thunder, blue skies, lightning, torrential rain, freezing frosted mornings, warm sun, grey clouds. The first two weeks of October has covered as many bases as possible in regards to weather. But amongst the power outages and mini floods there have been plenty of gorgeous mild days for gardening. I’m feeling a little bit smugly organized because, due to the kindness of family, I received a load of well-rotted horse manure

The Cloud of Unknowing – The battle against plutocracy

Friends of mine are moving into a new house and as the previous owners had left hundreds and hundreds of old books behind, they invited me to rummage through and take away as many as I wanted. Happy days! I found some real beauties. As well as Brewster’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable, and Alexandre Dumas’ Dictionary of Cuisine, I found ‘The Greek Myths’ by Robert Graves. It’s a book