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Letters – The Peaceful Protest – 10th December, 2014, Dublin.

4.20am in the black of night when the alarm rings. Today it’s different, you don’t curse the alarm. You rise with purpose. Sandwiches made from the night before, the flask ready for the tea. Even currenty bread packed in tinfoil, like old times! Today is all about our Nation, our deepest beliefs, our respect for our ancestors and our love for generations to come. From every village town and city

Letters – Recovery?

Sir, I have had great difficulty of late understanding government politician’s insistence on telling us we are in “recovery”. “People are beginning to see the benefits” they say “tough decisions now paying off” they trumpet. “Two roads in a wood” they mumble. What rubbish! I am a pensioner, I have worked over 50 years of my life making my fair contribution to the state in good times and in not

Rural Eye – Rapid Response: Jeep for Jason Launch on January 17th

It is a proud occasion for all concerned that the Jeep for Jason launch is planned to take place at Ballinascarty on January 17th 2015. At a time when street protests for free or better services from the state are an every day occurrence, it is refreshing to witness the community of West Cork stage a powerful display of self-reliance to solve a key problem on a voluntary basis. This

An Emigrant’s Diary – missing home at Christmas

We have had some absolutely freezing temperatures here in recent weeks – thankfully it was quite pleasant for a couple days after we arrived back from Mexico, but it plummeted completely for the first weekend after we got back. We stupidly decided to go snowboarding the weekend after we got back, and it was well into the -30’s that Saturday. I have honestly never experienced such cold in all my

Letters – Dear Santy

Dear Santy, I’m so delighted to write to you again and warn you as you head south for Ireland to bear in mind that here in Ireland the clocks have been turned back by 167 years and not just one hour for winter time. It is now very similar to the dark days of 1847 when boat loads of grain left our country to pay the oppressors while thousands died

Get the most out of feeding your garden birds

Originally published on Ireland’s Wildlife During the winter short days and long nights limit the time birds have to forage, while at the same time natural food becomes more scarce. Our garden birds have increasingly come to depend on the food we provide as an essential supplement to what they can find for themselves at this challenging time of year. According to bird conservation organisations like Birdwatch Ireland and the RSPB, it’s a good idea to feed your

Bandon Schools ICT Initiative

The idea of asking local firms and individuals for their old PC’s and laptops came from a shortage of ICT equipment in our local schools. As a local secondary school teacher who teaches computers and as a parent to kids in a local primary school… it is obvious that the best way to teach young people about the strengths and advantages of computers is to get young people familiar with

From Inchydoney to Mozambique

by Fr John Kingston CSSp.   On Christmas morning 2013 a magnificent crowd gathered at Inchydoney Beach for the annual Christmas swim in aid of the Spiritan mission where I work in Mozambique.   I was present on the beach but not in the water because of a massive cold I caught immediately on arrival in Ireland from Mozambique where it was high summer then. Many people swam, more than

Letters – Call for General Election

The next General Election will be about the direction our society takes. Will it be more austerity and bad politics by the conservative parties ? Or do we grasp the opportunity for new politics, for real change and a more transparent and accountable system of government? I believe that people want a change from the conservative austerity politicies of Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil and Labour and are open to voting