Spur’s Jermaine Defoe has been put on the transfer list.

by Striker

AS I forecast last week, the transfer market in England is gradually hotting up as we go towards the new soccer season, and I’m quite sure that we will be in for more than a few surprises when we see some of the proposed moves.

Two of the most prominent items at the moment are who will take over at Nottingham Forest, and how will Glasgow Rangers cope with their proposed demotion in the Scottish League.

The Notts Forest situation is very intriguing, as it brings into confrontation again the two major talents of Roy Keane and Mick McCarthy, and its fairly obvious that both men would like to take over the club.

What will happen here, of course, is that various offers will be made to both Roy and Mick over the coming days, and it is hoped that some kind of an agreement will be arrived at.

I do reckon, that on account of Roy’s previous playing record with the club, he would be slight favourite for the position, but, who knows, maybe Mick’s overall managerial experience may swing the pendulum in his favour.

If not, don’t be a bit surprised if another name will come out of the proverbial wall and pip the both of them at the 11th hour.

The other important talking point is the continuing saga of Glasgow Rangers, who now look certain to make the dreaded plunge to the nether regions of the Scottish Football League.

This Third Division section is the lowest domestic section of both Football Leagues in Britain, with the only leagues below this one being the various conference sections from which a few ambitious teams are promoted each season, and getting the opportunity to progress further.

The fall from grace of Rangers, as this will be the name they will be known as in the future, began with the usual financial overload, which eventually forced them into receivership, and almost into liquidation.

The final daggers were imbedded when the other Premier League teams voted them out of the top league, and then the teams from lower down, with a tally of 25-5 against, voted that they begin again at the bottom of the pile, in the Third Division of the Scottish League.

This is the absolutely lowest of the low, with most of the teams drawing crowds that are regularly in the low hundreds.

Paradoxically, Rangers will kick off the season in the Ramsden Cup, playing an away game to Brechin City, whose ground has a crowd capacity of only 4,000 people, so this should be a good windfall game for them.

It is not outside the bounds of possibility, of course, that the lower-down clubs voted Rangers down, so as to give their own falling gates a shot in the arm, no doubt a method to their own madness.

Although the Old Firm games look gone for the foreseeable future, the progress of Rangers should make for interesting reading as the season takes shape.

The latest in the markets shows that former England manager Fabio Capello has been appointed as Russia’s new manager, Spurs Luka Modric is moving to Real Madrid, and Spurs Jermain Defoe is up for transfer.

More next week as we draw ever nearer to the kick-off to another season.