Cllr Aidan Pendlebury

The floods that wreaked havoc through Clonakilty just a short period ago were some of the worst in Clonakilty history.

They left behind devastation, crippling financial loss and a determined community who responded in such great numbers to support each other.

When we investigate the cause of these floods we know climate change is a major factor, but the failure to secure funding and carry out works outlined in a study produced in 2009 is indefensible to those who lost so much.

We once again have had plenty of positive rhetoric from Government representatives, the OPW and Cork County Council but this will mean little to the townspeople unless the extensive work required preventing this happening again is financed and begins immediately.

The extent of the work needed to be carried out is well known and documented, research has been extensive and thorough, it is time for those with the finances to restore confidence to the people of Clonakilty and get these works underway.


Clonakilty has been a fine ambassador for Ireland, promoting the country through tourism to its many visitors. It has led the way in community development, business and culture and is highly respected internationally for its representation of all that is good about Ireland.

We now ask the Government of this country to recognise our contribution and provide the necessary monies to ensure Clonakilty can continue to thrive.


The urgency of these works cannot be understated. Short term repairs are underway but unless we receive the necessary funding for the large scale preventative works that have been agreed as essential we are fighting a losing battle which will be catastrophic for the community and a great ambassador lost by Ireland.

I call on all in relevant positions, Government or otherwise, to do all that is necessary to ensure this work is done promptly and in their totality.


Cllr. Aidan Pendlebury

Deputy Mayor of Clonakilty