The organ being installed in Enniskeane.

LOCAL people in Enniskeane are being given the chance to put their name on a piece of parish history by sponsoring the pipes of a pipe organ currently being  installed in Enniskeane’s Church of the Immaculate Conception.

The organ was originally housed in the Sisters of Mercy Convent in Clonakilty which was its home from1878 until 2008 when the convent closed.

Built in 1866 in London by Bryceson Brothers and Ellis the organ was disassembled and stored in 2008 by Enniskeane parishioner Pádraig O’Donovan who remained committed to finding a new home for it.

Now he is installing it, following refurbishment, in Enniskeane parish church which has never housed a pipe organ in its 141-year history.

The gallery of Enniskeane church has been carefully reinforced using local skills before the organ installation began, without compromising the historic integrity of the church.

The fabric of the organ has also been restored to its original condition, the timber panels have been stripped and restored in Cork, the large main bellows has been rebuilt in England, the pipes have been revoiced by specialists in Belfast and the decorative stencilling has been redone in Clonakilty.

Now, the parishioners and friends of Enniskeane & Desertserges Parish are being invited to make this moment in the parish’s history their own by sponsoring one of the organ’s pipes.

Each pipe in the organ plays a unique note, some are made from wood while most are metal.

The 2012 Pipe Organ Sponsorship Programme involves dedicating each pipe in the organ to a named individual or family.

A pipe may be dedicated to a parishioner or to someone who is not a parishioner; it may be dedicated to someone who is living or it may be dedicated in memory of someone who has died.

A donation of €30 per pipe is requested and the parish will also record the name and address of the person(s) who has given the donation to sponsor the pipe(s).

The dedication and the sponsorship will both be recorded in the parish records and also printed in a special volume which will be stored in the organ gallery of the church.

The sponsor will receive a certificate in the post (showing which pipe has been dedicated) and a receipt for the donation.

You can sponsor a pipe either by sending a postal donation or online on the parish website.

Visit for more details.