Perry O’Donovan

AT the site of the former Wolfe’s Bakery, just off Main Street, in Skibbereen, where the new West Cork Art Centre building is going to be, Skibbereen Tidy Towns Committee together with the West Cork Arts Centre recruited 38 locally-based artists to decorate the plywood hoarding along the Coal Stream side of the site, and the result is a really fabulous collaborative achievement.

The Wall of Art project, located on the site of the new West Cork Arts Centre was spearheaded by Bryan Harris and Michael Thornhill of the Skibbereen Tidy Towns Committee along with Paul Cialis of West Cork Arts Centre.

Thirty-eight artists were recruited to volunteer their time and talent to create this excellent collection public artworks on a hoarding for the site, which was generously funded by local businesses.

It is a testament to the community spirit of Skibbereen and its hinterland that such an ambitious venture came into being in such a short period of time (four weeks conception to launch event).

Artist Paul Cialis came up with the idea of the outdoor art gallery and liaised with all the participating artists and facilitated their contributions to the project, while Bryan Harris and Michael Thornhill liaised with the local authorities, the local businesses, and with local builders, Lar O’Donovan and Tim Looney.

The artworks were painted at the Masonic Hall on Mardyke Street in Skibbereen, which was temporarily converted into an artists’ studio for the four-week period. The Wall of Art started off as 20 very large, blank plywood sheets which were primed and made ready for the artists’ on put.

Each board has two artworks painted on it and, when they are all put in place as a hoarding on the site, what you have is a large gallery wall featuring 38 vibrant artworks.

By December 2012, it is anticipated that construction of the new West Cork Arts Centre will be underway, meanwhile the Wall of Art is guaranteed to attract much attention and admiration over the course of the coming months.

Artworks by Neisha Azzopardi, Sandra Bestt, Karen Billing, Deirdre Cairns, Paul Cialis, Linda Cohu, Edwin Cridland, Alison Cronin, Anne Crossey, Marie Cullen, Shay Cunningham, Ian Curley, Sharon Dipity Barker, Alyn Fenn, Liss Gillilan, Ann Hall, Ellès Innemee, Nicola Kelly, Eithne Kietz, Maria Kisbodri, Agata Kluzniak, Anna MacGillycuddy, Tomasz Madajczak, Janet Murran, Margaret O’Donovan, Margrit O’Shea, Caoimhe Pendred, Andrea Quiros, Maria Safaei Ashtiani, Detlef Schlich, George Scott, John Simpson, Karin Smith, Henry Spencer, Helen Stringer, Nick Taylor, Pim Wijnmaalen and Fran Woolf.


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