Abigail Keeney, Keir?°n Egan, Clodagh Hanlon & Hannah O’Sullivan proudly showing off their first Green Flag.
Picture: John Delea.

ON Monday, June 25th last Rylane NS celebrated receiving their Green Flag.

It took seven years to get the award and the Green Schools Code was devised by the children in the school and has been very much integrated into school life.

L            lets clean up

I            I will make an effort to keep my belongings tidy

T            try to re-use plastic bottles for drinks at school

T            try to reduce photocopied materials

E            educate others at home about litter and waste

R            reduce, re-use, recycle


W            waste not, want not

A            adopt a positive attitude towards reducing litter

S            small steps towards achieving our goals

T            time together as a committee to help us reflect

E            everyone is involved


The school is now a litter-free place, the road outside is also litter-free.

The school only throw papers in the rubbish bins throughout the school and use much less paper for photocopying.

They also encourage parents and children to use the recycling centre across from the school and have made great links with parents and other community members.

This experience has made the children very aware of litter and waste which can only be of benefit for the future of our environment.

The Green Flag was raised by Fr Peadar Murphy and all children helped plant a mountain ash tree to commemorate the great event.

On the day all the pupils who were instrumental in the award of the Green Flag had lots of fun and took part in various activities, treasure hunt, green smoothie making, face painting, superstars.

As part of our celebrations the portable planetarium the Stardome visited the school and all the children were able to discover the spectacles of the night sky in school hall.