IF  you have ever cancelled plans because of your skin it is time to fight back. For many women breakouts are becoming more common later in life.

Unlike adolescent acne where small whiteheads and blackheads hit the T-zone, adult acne appears around the jawline and neck, often showing up as painful cysts and nodules and can be more scarring because with age our skin becomes less resilient.

Don’t hide behind caked on make-up because battling blemishes is a breeze with Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance gel soap-less cleanser.

An extremely gentle and soap-free daily antibacterial cleanser Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance is the one stop spot for acne. To treat oily prone blemished skin and help eliminate impurities sebum secretion needs to be regulated, accumulated cells must be eliminated, bacteria proliferation avoided and most importantly skin inflammation soothed.

To beat breakouts Eau Thermale Avene skincare specialists have formulated Cleanance to do just that. Avene Thermal Spring Water serves as an anti-bacterial compound and helps to soothe any inflammation, while cucurbita pepo regulates sebum secretion.

Within weeks affected skin becomes increasingly purified without any rebound effect and thanks to the renowned healing qualities of Avene thermal spring water, Cleanance also helps eliminate the signs of scarring.

With only a small amount needed from this cleansers generous size it will still be around once your acne disappears.



  • Deep cleansing action purifies without stripping the skin
  • PH 7.2 respects the skins natural balance, minimizing the trigger of excess sebum production
  • Pleasant fragrance tolerated by sensitive skin
  • Soap-free, Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic
  • Avene thermal spring water soothes and softens skin

How to use: Apply in the morning and evening to moistened face, lather, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Price: €15.25 200ml