Wayne Rooney admits his use of hair follicle implants. Is it an improvement however?

by Rebecca Milner

Welcome to Pandora’s Closet where, like the box, you will can find anything from yummie lashes to microdermabrasions.

This month’s blog will be specialising in barnets.

Our poor hair is subject to environmental damage, heat styling, rough back-combing and drying activities such as swimming, even showering.

An annual multi million euro industry in Ireland, it is a necessity for both sexes.

One of the small pieces of common ground where men and women can agree on, whether it’s a simple trip to the barbers or a day’s wait under a dryer, we all need it.

Thick, lustrous hair is what men and women aspire to.

It’s no surprise today that more and more men are investing in “hair plugs”, Wayne Rooney being the latest advocate.

Sporting an “interesting new haircut at Euro 2012, he admitted to the follicle implants he said “I’m young and was losing my hair so I said why not?

While for women supplements which promote hair growth for thinning locks have increased with sales for Nourkrin increasing 25 per cent over the past decade.

Many other promising products are on the market which advertise “fuller, thicker hair.”

In the UK the hair care market is worth around £1 billion.

Cheryl Cole can thank her dark tendrils for being £800,000 up as the face of L’Oreal.

Her Geordie lilt, warm smile and flawless complexion are all complimented by the thick brown hair that cascades around her face and down her back.

It is important, therefore, to maintain the upkeep of our crowning glory.

She is worth it- Cheryl Cole.

It seems ironic that we must cut our hair to grow it but ladies, if you’re looking for tendrils then a trim six to eight weeks is a must.

Anybody who is interested in achieving the next best thing to lustrous locks, well keep reading as I have gained precious counsel from Cork model Lisa Marie Jordan.

With a name like this, I can honestly say this girl was born for the limelight and admits her hair is her best asset.

I can’t promise you will have hair like Lisa Marie but I can only impart the steps she takes to achieve her tumbling golden locks.

Sitting in Goria Jeans, Lisa’s hair is carelessly tied up in a loose plait.

A look which any other girl would spend hours to perfect. Quizzing her on her number one tip for good hair, she pears her first piece of advice down to “Cut It.”

She’s busy nibbling a caramel slice as I wait for her to elaborate.

“It’s not about long hair, it’s about thick hair. No matter what length your hair is thick, keep it to that.

Otherwise wispy dead ends can make it looks limp and unhealthy”.

Her second piece of advice for anyone who wants to grow their hair, “if you want your hair to come down your gonna have to cut up. It’s the only way. Instead of getting the same length off all the time, try going for an inch one visit and then a half the next as it can be a tough waiting game.

“So cut up to grow down and yes, getting yourself to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks is a MUST for your hair, especially if you want to grow it and see results with the year.”

Any other hair care advice that you could give, maybe something you do yourself?

“I don’t wash my hair too often; I let the natural oils build. So maybe once or twice a week and will leave it dry naturally aswell.

“Also not to drag the brush through your hair when brushing it, especially when wet. Use a wide tooth comb wet and dry”

Product wise, Lisa recommends the Kerastise range, the “orange or pink range I’m not sure which one is good” and the Bumble and Bumble are given the thumbs up too.

“I love Moroccan oil, definitely an investment for your hair if your thinking of good condition for your hair.”

The obvious hair care advice of not using too many heat styling appliances on your hair needs to be availed if you want to achieve that healthy shine.

It’s difficult I know but replacing your straightener for a good blow drying brush and rollers is great if you can adhere to it.

So take yourself, not as a treat but as a necessary service to your hair, to your nearest hairdresser and make it 6-8 weekly regular!

On your first appointment, book your next trim for 6-8 weeks time depending on the advice of your stylist.

I always find this is a great incentive to return and give your hair another servicing. A good hairdresser will never let you sit in your seat while they’re cutting your hair-with your legs crossed.

To get an even and perfect finish for your ends, uncross your legs and keep your head straight at all times.

If you haven’t found a stylist that you can unconditionally trust every strand with, you need to be firm with the hairdressers you’ve chosen.

There’s nothing worse than a scissor happy stylist. Be assertive and clear in what you want done to your hair.

As entertaining and page turning as they are, look up from your magazine to supervise your trim or cut. Be patient and good things come to those who wait.