Steve in the Tsugaru Strait

BALLYDEHOB endurance swimmer Steve Redmond has been forced to abandon his second attempt to swim Japan’s 19.5 km Tsugaru Strait due to strong currents.

The team began the attempt last night Irish time, setting out from Sai Village on Japans’ main island of Honshu.

Steve was reported to be going well for first four hours or so but then got caught in the middle of a “massive current” which pushed him backwards.

Steve attempted to swim away from the current and break clear of it but after more than 12 hours of swimming with little progress the second attempt had to be abandoned.

Steve was forced to abandon his first attempt on Saturday after almost four hours of swimming due to poor weather conditions.

The Tsugaru Strait is the last of the seven that make up the Oceans 7 Challenge that Steve is yet to complete.

If he completes it will send him into the record books as the first person to complete the challenge.

Steve has already successfully completed the Moloka’i Channel in Hawaii, the Cook Strait Swim in New Zealand, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel in California, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Irish Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The rules that govern the Tsugaru swim are quite stringent with no contact allowed between Steve and his support team during the attempt.

Very strong currents in the area mean that only four people have successfully managed the complete the swim.

Steve has been training very hard recently for this daunting challenge and has also been filming with a German film crew for a documentary about his swims and life which is being sponsored by the drinks company Red Bull.