Steve training off Castlehaven. Pic: Rory Jackson

Rory Jackson

TODAY (Monday) In Japan, West Cork endurance swimmer Steve Redmond is preparing for his final swim of the Oceans 7 Challenge, the daunting Tsugaru Strait in Japan, which if he completes it will send him into the record books as the first person to complete the challenge.

Steve is greeted by local dignitaries in Hakkodate.

The Tsugaru is a 19.5 km strait between the Japanese islands of Honshu and Hokkaido and is also famous for having the longest tunnel in the world built across it linking the port towns of Hakodate and Honshu.

Steve has already successfully completed the Moloka’i Channel in Hawaii, the Cook Strait Swim in New Zealand, the English Channel, the Catalina Channel in California, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Irish Channel between Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The rules that govern the Tsugaru swim are quite stringent with no contact allowed between Steve and his support team during the attempt.

Very strong currents in the area mean that only four people have successfully managed the complete the swim.

Steve has been training very hard recently for this daunting challenge and has also been filming with a German film crew for a documentary about his swims and life which is being sponsored by the drinks company Red Bull.

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