AN inquiry into the deaths of three men near Adrigole in 2010 has found that if they were wearing lifejackets at the time of the incident, the outcome would have been “significantly different”.

Sixty two-year-old Wolfgang Schroder, and friends Wolfgang Schmidt and Richard Harmon drowned when they were forced to abandon their motor cruiser “Castaway” due to a fire while on a fishing trip.

One man, 48-year-old Ed Dziato survived the incident that happened on August 16th near Adrigole in Bantry Bay.

The report by the Marine Casualty Investigation Board found that the boat was properly equipped with life-saving devices but were not accessible once the fire broke out as they were all stored below decks.

It recommended that such equipment should be stored in locations that do not require people to go below deck to access them.

The report also found that the electrical systems on the boat which caused the fire had been modified and were in poor condition.

It also noted that toxicology reports showed that Mr Schroder’s body had a blood alcohol level of 70mg and Mr Schmidt’s 152mg.

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