Launching the Rocket III

Joseph O’Callaghan

THERE was a major milestone for Kilmacabea Rowing Club recently as their third fibreglass boat, ‘The Rocket III’, was blessed and officially launched at Glandore Pier.

The addition of a new boat to the Kilmac fleet comes as the club celebrates 10 years in existence.

In the water

This is the fifth Kilmacabea rowing boat to grace the waters of Glandore harbour in the last decade as ‘The St Fachtna’ (de-commissioned), ‘The Mayqueen’, ‘The Rocket’ and ‘The Rocket Eile’ are now joined by ‘The Rocket III’, which is to be the new racing boat for the club.

Fr. O’Sullivan and Rev. Peters began proceedings on the day, with the blessing of the boat before some of the able bodied men of the parish carried it down the slip and launched it onto the water for the first time.

As some of committee members involved in the acquisition of the new craft took the new vessel on it’s inaugural voyage, they were waved off by the crowds of club members and supporters on Glandore pier.

Club coxes Joseph and Lisa ensured that as many members as possible got a chance to row in the Rocket III on its first time in action.

Throughout the course of the evening most of the clubs rowers, both under and overage, took the recent purchase for a spin and MC John ensured there was a celebratory atmosphere, providing upbeat music and banter.

A big thank you is owed to all on the committee who worked to make this purchase and day possible and also to the crowds of people who turned out to show their support for the club. Here’s hoping our new vessel brings as much joy and success as its predecessors