Pic: Roger Goraczniak

by Striker

Last weekend, English soccer saw one of the greatest finishes ever in the history of the Premiership League, when, as we discussed in depth last week, the two Manchester teams really fought tooth and nail to gain the advantage, in as thrilling a climax to a league as was ever witnessed anywhere, let alone in England.

The two teams, the Red Devils and the Sky Blues, have been, since around Christmas, jousting, week in and week out, with first one, and then the other, taking the initiative, and trying to go clear at the top of the table.

Both teams certainly had their moments, but it was always on the cards that the destination of the pennant would always be in the melting pot.

Some of the results that came about during these weeks certainly went against the form that was prevailing, and indeed, a few of them looked to be beyond belief.

When Man City won the recent derby game it seemed to put them in the driving seat, for they were at that time, in the middle of a steady winning run. Man Utd’s 4-4 draw with Everton really put the cat among the pigeon’s for them, for this gave a deciding pull to the Sky Blues, for all they had to do then was to make sure they won their remaining few matches to win the title.

Their much superior goal difference really copper-fastened this route to success, and made it practically impossible for their rivals bid unless they managed to make a slip of some sort.

As it happened, however, this was not to be, and last Saturday, the moment of truth finally arrived for the Manchester duo.

City had an away task against relegation-threatened QPR, while the Red Devils faced the long journey to Sunderland in the north-east.

Both matches went ahead at the same time, with the soccer public gathering at all the usual watering holes in anticipation of an afternoon of high excitement.

They were not disappointed, for, with Man Utd, playing in their usual business-like way, taking the lead through Rooney, and then looking to be always in command, while City were only stuttering along until late in the first half, when they took a somewhat lucky lead, and had a doubtful second half to look forward to.

QPR, the way the results were going, needed to get something out of the match, and came out fighting hard, getting a lucky equaliser.

The sending off of Barton took the wind out of their sails a bit, and they were soon under incessant pressure, having to defend desperately.

They, incredibly, in a breakaway, took the lead, which rocked City back on their heels.

QPR, still defending manfully, held out until into the added time, when City equalised, and with time ticking away relentlessly, Aguerro finally got the vital winner in practically the last moments of the game.

Delirious excitement for the Sky Blues, a very large downer for the Red Devils, with poetic justice the winner, for City won in added time, just like the many Man Utd wins in “Fergietime!”

Well done-Man City-after 44 years. Unlucky-Man Utd–Maybe next year!

By the way, Alex Ferguson was amongst the first to congratulate Man City.

Just one game this Saturday, The Championship Play-Off at Wembley at 3pm,

between Blackpool and West Ham.

The best wager on this game would be: West Ham to lead at half-time and full-time. Roll on the Euro Finals!