by Striker

Well, what do you know, after all that shilly-shallying since Christmas, when first one, and then the other, looked like going clear, the battle between the two Mancunian teams is going right down to the wire for the Premiership.

The Manchester pair have gradually sorted themselves out from the rest, with this Sunday’s matches deciding just where the treasured title is to go.

Two contrasting games, that of Man City at home to QPR, and Man Utd going all the way to Sunderland in the north-east, will decide, after 90 minutes which team has the title for season 2011-12.

We all know that City have a much better goal difference than their rivals, but anyone who thinks that this gives them any distinct advantage will have to think again, because soccer, to those of us who have been in it all of our lives, is the most unpredictable sport that one can find on the planet.

The evidence of this is there for all to see, for about five matches back, Man Utd looked to be firmly set in the driving seat only to falter when it was easier to win, before finally succuming to City in that recent Manchester derby.

You may say that all City have to do is to win their last game, but now that QPR have to get a point to ensure their survival puts a totally different emphasis on the match, for they will fight tooth and nail to secure the right result.

On the plus side for the Red Devils is that Sunderland have nothing to play for, only the honour of the game, so Fergie’s team could have a major advantage in impetus in trying to win the game.

The highlight of last week was Chelsea’s win in the FA Cup Final, which gives them the first leg of a unique Cup double, which they can complete in the Champions League in the coming weeks.

So, its well done to the Pensioners for 2012.

The publication of the Republic of Ireland panel for the Euro Championship makes for interesting reading, with many oohs and aahs being mooted about the various additions and omissions.

I will go into this in depth next week, as the countdown to this milestone occasion continues for “Our Boys In Green!”

In a Sunday fraught with possibilities, I will keep away from the “important”

games, and go for two home wins with Spurs and Chelsea, and two away wins with Liverpool and Newcastle. Have a terrific sporting weekend!



Home; Spurs, Chelsea. Away: Liverpool, Newcastle.