Noel Harrington

WEST Cork’s three TDs, Michael McCarthy (Lab), Noel Harrington (FG) and Jim Daly (FG) are urging voters on Dunmanway, Drimoleague and beyond to vote “yes” in the upcoming Stability Treaty referendum.

Deputy Harrington said, “I am urging everyone across Cork South West to come out and vote Yes on May 31st.

“This Treaty is in the best interest of the country as we continue along the path to recovery. The Treaty is about Ireland; it is about what position we want to put ourselves in as we get back on our feet as a country.

“The Treaty doesn’t have all the answers but it is an essential part of the picture as we move forward on our journey to economic recovery. It will help to restore stability, not just in Ireland but across the eurozone. And a small country that relies heavily on exports, it’s vital that Ireland remains a central part of that marketplace,” he said.

The Government is launching the most comprehensive campaign ever held for a European treaty in this country over the coming weeks with a 40-page booklet being delivered to every home in the country.

Fianna Fáil are also calling for a “yes” vote while Sinn Féin are leading the “no” campaign.

Local Sinn Fein representative described the treaty as an “Austerity Treaty” and urged West Cork voter to reject what he said was clearly not in the best interests of the Irish people.