Richy in the kitchen

I recently took part in one of Richy’s adult cooking classes in Clonakilty to polish up my skills and learn something new.

On the menu were tasty Tapas!

I love these little Spanish dishes, there are a great variety of flavours and options so whatever dishes you serve your guests you can be assured there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

There were five people in our cooking class so it was pretty busy to get everyone all prepared.

On the menu were Scallops in Ham, Asparagus, Spanish Omelette, Prawns, Melon and Ham, Cheese Balls and Chicken and Potatoes in Tomato Sauce.

The class is very hands on

The evening started relaxed with a glass of Prosecco and then Richy instructed us on how to prepare each dish.

He taught us with a very hands-on approach with each dish showing the tricks of the trade on how to make the best out of each dish and get it right each time.

Time passes quickly when you are so busy and the two hours cooking in a real restaurant kitchen was really fun.

As the restaurant business is still on going you get a great feeling of how busy it can get watching the other chefs preparing the different dishes for the other guests.

Richy is celebrating his tenth anniversary of the restaurant in Clonakilty this May, and you can feel when cooking with him, he knows what he is doing, and how he gets the best out of the local West Cork produce.

Christian’s Verdict:

It’s fun to cook in such a clean and well-organised kitchen.

It gave me some real inspiration to improve my own.

What you learn most of all is that preparation and organisation is everything.

The class was great fun and I liked it that the style of learning was much more practical than theoretical.

The class cost €60 per person which includes a welcome drink and wine with the meal.

Our Tapas selection

It was impossible for the four ladies and me in the class to finish up all dishes, so we got to take each a little take away portion home.

I will definitely sign up for one of the next classes.

Thank you Richy and Happy 10th Birthday!